Spiritual “Milk” for a Mega Harvest

“Salvation, God’s Gift To You” has been given to 14 million new believers… and you made it possible. Think of this book as “spiritual milk.” God’s Word is clear, “as newborn babes, desire the pure milk of the word, that you may grow thereby, if indeed you have tasted that the Lord is gracious.” (1 Peter 2:2-3).

People who receive Christ get a “taste” that “the Lord is gracious.” Do you remember when you first tasted God’s grace? Maybe you sang, “‘tis so sweet to trust in Jesus”, Jesus became precious, and there was a hunger inside to know Him better.

Once we discover God’s love there is an automatic desire for the “milk of the Word”! The Bible is clear – “newborn babes desire… milk.”

You may have heard me tell the heart-wrenching story about a newborn abandoned in the cold. It made me think of newborns in the body of Christ. We never want to abandon a spiritual baby. It wouldn’t be right to send new believers away to fend for themselves without this “milk of the word.”

Friend, as you receive this eNewsletter, I have just concluded the campaign in Kenya and now another huge outreach in Pakistan is before us. We are in the middle of a spiritual mega-harvest. Will you help give “spiritual milk?”

Each book costs only 23¢. This include printing, preparation work, translation and shipping to the Gospel Festival site. Often books are passed from one person to another, read again and again until the cover is frayed at the edges. How can we do this at a cost of only 23¢? There are two reasons: because we print large numbers, and we stretch every dollar for maximum use.

I need everyone, if at all possible, to invest $69. That will pay for 300 books to bless 300 new believers. Can you do it? Will you? I sincerely pray for God to speak to your heart. Your help is critically needed.

Maybe some can give more than $69; maybe $345 or $690 and others can maybe share $30 or $50, but I need everyone to do something.

If you respond and if everyone responds then we will be able to cover the cost of the printing in Africa and the printing for new believers in Pakistan. Every soul is important. Thank you for responding today!

For the sake of Jesus,

Peter Youngren

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