The festival opened with rousing music and an inspiring welcome speech from the Regional Commissioner of how Peter Youngren had come to Tanga with the power of God to bring peace and unity between Christians and Muslims. The speech was met with cheers and applause from people of all religious backgrounds.

Tanga´s population of 200,000 is 95% Muslim, and the municipal leaders were eager to bridge the political gap between Muslims and Christians. Tanga has rich history in the formation of Tanzania and was instrumental in the spread of Islam, being originally governed by the Sultan of Oman. One of the more memorable miracles happened on the third day of the festival. Mr. Bin Salim rushed to the platform excitedly to testify that his dim eyesight had been healed. He had heard about the festival and decided to attend out of curiosity, but chose to stand far in the back.

He didn′t want to be recognized as a Muslim and so took his white hat off and hid it in his clothing. His interest grew as Peter Youngren preached that Jesus is alive and ready to save and heal in Tanga. When the time came for healing, he obediently placed his hand over his eyes and waited for the prayer to finish. Taking his hand away, he was surprised to find that his eyesight was clear! Still skeptical, he asked the woman next to him to give him something to read, knowing that he had not been able to read for many years.

The woman handed him a Salvation book in Swahili and he started to read the first chapter out loud to her. The crowd cheered and laughed as he picked up his hat and placed it back on his head, saying, ″I am a Muslim but today Jesus has healed me!″ The next morning, he woke up in his home and wondered if it was all a dream. He decided to test the healing of his sight again, and in front of his family, threaded a needle for the first time in many years.

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