The Angel’s Christmas Gift

Dear Friend,

The first Christmas gift came wrapped in love, “For God so loved that He gave…”.

The world was in darkness, deceived by a twisted, distorted view of God. Centuries and layers of religious darkness had blinded the people’s eyes so they could no longer see God as He really is. Jesus came as heaven’s gift of love to reveal a God full of “peace and good will” towards all people.

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without love. Angels are messengers of God’s love to view this teaching click here. Have you noticed how many instances there are of angelic appearances in the Christmas story? Angels came to Joseph, Mary and the shepherds with a message of hope and love.

Friend, please view our 2010 Christmas giving brochure. What better way to celebrate God’s gift than to give a gift of love to those who need it the most. Please select one or several gifts that express your heart.

To me there is never a more important time to give an offering for the Gospel than at Christmas. We give gifts to people that are close to us and that’s great, but I never loose sight of the reason why Jesus came for the world! That’s why I double my giving for the gospel.

Love and giving are connected. We read, “if we gave everything we had… but had not love, it would profit us nothing”, (I Cor 13:3). Here we learn two absolutes about giving to God.

1. Our heavenly Father wants you to profit when you give.

2. Love makes the difference. The distinction between just a gift and a gift that multiplies thirty fold, sixty fold and a hundred fold is love. When the gift is wrapped in love, God guarantees that YOU WILL PROFIT.

This Christmas 2010, do what God did two thousand years ago; Wrap your gift for the Gospel in love.

Thank you for giving for souls this Christmas!

Now as you respond, take a moment and thank God for His love for you and your family. Thank Him that absolutely nothing can separate you from His love, not your failures, not your successes, no principality or power, no circumstance: God’s love in Christ Jesus remains unchanged.

I will look for your response, and will pray with you and for you during the Christmas season.

Peace and Goodwill from God,

Peter Youngren

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