The Greatest Thirst Quencher

Dear Friend,

The greatest crime in the desert is finding water and keeping silent.

The world is a spiritual desert of religious self-effort, where people thirst for reality. When I saw this ancient proverb, something in my spirit shouted, “We will not keep silent!”, but we will share the most satisfying, thirst-quenching commodity in the world; Jesus Himself.

Look at the effects of the “Living Water” of Jesus during our campaign in Tanzania.

Take Bernard as an example! He came to our Gospel Festival six years ago, a helpless invalid, his feet twisted and deformed, with his soles pointing upwards. Hopeless beyond all medical cures, miraculously God’s power snapped his feet into place. Now, he has a job, a good life, and best of all, he is a follower of Jesus.

What about Mr. Mohammed? He was a pilot in the Tanzanian Air Force, when he became blind eleven years ago. The “Living Water” touched his soul, opened his blind eyes, and today he is a believer in Jesus.

Or what about young Franky? Eleven years old, for two years a hopeless invalid, carried on his mother’s back to the Tanzania Gospel Festival. Jesus healed his paralyzed legs and salvation has now come to his house.

What about the demon-possessed woman who would black out four times a day, exhibiting violent and dangerous behavior, not even recognizing what she was doing. Jesus saved and delivered her!

What about thousands of souls who drank of this “Living Water” every night? Jesus gave an ironclad promise that if we drink the water He gives, we’ll never thirst again (John 4:14).

Our next challenge is to bring this “Living Water” to Orissa, India. I must have your help in the next few days.

As you receive this, our representative is in India to meet governmental and religious leaders.

I’ve already promised to sponsor 1,000 pastors to our Pastor’s Seminar. Just the other day I gave the go-ahead for printing 100, 000 books for new believers. This is in addition to hundreds of other expenses needed to make a Gospel Festival happen.

Imagine a man dying of thirst in the desert. He’s offered a choice between two buckets, one full of the world’s rarest diamonds, and the other full of water. Of course, he will take the water. That’s what Jesus meant when He said what shall it profit a person to gain the whole world and lose his soul? What gain would there be in a bucket of the most precious diamonds if your body is gasping for a drop of water?

That’s how I see the world. The only true “thirst quencher” is Jesus. Our situation is critical. I don’t know where to turn except to precious friends like you. You believe in the value of Jesus and the value of souls.

Because of persecution, the door for the Gospel has been shut for the past 15 years in Orissa, India. Now, the door is open! Thank you, for giving your very best offering! Thank you, for your love! We are doing this together!

I’ve just released ‘Breaking Free from a Limited Life’. People say it’s the best ever teaching that they’ve heard on this subject; fresh, anointed and very helpful. I want to give this 4 CD album to anyone who shares a minimum of $60. I know many of you can do more, maybe some can even do $1,000. Please do the best you can. I will look for your response.

Give an offering that represents what you believe about Jesus. Give an offering that says that you will not keep silent; Jesus means too much to you, to not tell the world.

I will look for your response. Thank you at this critical time!

Your partner in the Gospel,

Peter Youngren

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