The Man Who Crawled

In one of our Gospel Festivals, a man, paralyzed from his waist down was lying on the ground listening as I spoke. He pushed himself up leaning on his arms all the while inching his way around the crowd to get a closer view of the platform. When I spoke in the name of Jesus for the lame to rise up and walk, he tried to get up, but fell down. He did it again with the same result.

I would never have known these details, unless a pastor friend of mine from Kenya had been present. He was standing looking at this sight of a man trying to get up and walk. He told me after the meeting, “Peter, I approached the lame man saying, ‘Shall I help you?’ The man responded, ‘No, I believe the word of Jesus that I have heard preached.  I believe it more than I believe in my paralyzed condition. I will walk on my own.’”

Again he tried, and this time life flowed to his limbs. He jumped to his feet and came running to the platform while all the people who’d seen him began to weep and cry, and were beside themselves at what they had just witnessed. The Holy Spirit had revealed Jesus to that man.  Jesus had given him faith, and no one was going to talk him out of it.

I could relate this story and another person in a similar condition could say and act in exactly the same way, and nothing would happen. It is true that faith responds by acting, that faith without works is dead. But faith doesn’t come from imitating the action of someone else – faith comes from Jesus. Don’t try to imitate or copy what someone else has done, instead just draw closer to Jesus. Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal Jesus to you more every day. Jesus’ faith, assurance and peace will come into your heart.

This is why every miracle testimony is unique, whether a testimony from the Bible or a current one. As each individual connects with Jesus, that person will act out their faith in Him. The more we look at our own effort the worse it gets, while the more we look at Jesus the easier it becomes. Jesus is the key to everything. Our miracle is in Him.

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