The Police questioned me.

The Indonesian intelligence police have sent urgent messages that they want to meet me when I’m in Jakarta, where the Federal police have their headquarter. They have been insistent for quite a while and I didn’t know what to expect. Well, the meeting just happened.

They had questions about our Gospel Festivals, and the motive behind what we do. Lots of opportunity to talk about Jesus. Then the police surprised me. They laid aside their notebook, where they had recorded my answers, which they said will be reported to both the President and parliament. For the next 10 minutes, they gave eight suggestions for cities that would be great for a Gospel Festival, saying, “Indonesians really welcome your work”. Now it was Marius Nikolajsen’s (our Campaign manager) turn to take notes.

This was like a Macedonian call, “come over and help us”. It is a reminder that people are hungry for Jesus. 

I’m committed; with the help of our partners we will continue to take the Gospel to everyone in the world’s largest Muslim nation. Thank You! Let me hear from you! -Peter

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