The Ranchi Campaign

Dear Friend,

I’m writing about an urgent opportunity… for people without Christ… and an opportunity of blessings for you.

India is the 2nd largest nation in the world; 1.2 billion precious people, many are very poor and there is so little Gospel, especially across the northern states.

Our focus is now on Ranchi, the capital of Jharkhand state, one of the poorest in India. Our crusade team is already on the ground. I will be there in a few days as Jesus’ representative and also, Friend, as your representative.

The Ranchi Campaign will be World Impact Ministries’ 36th Gospel Campaign in India.

Remember, in 1998 I was banned from India for the “crime” of “mass-conversion”. Last year the door opened again in Orissa, which has been considered the hardest place because of killing of Christians there.

My thinking was, “if God can give us victory in the most difficult place; we can have victory anywhere”.

And that’s just what happened!!!

Every church in Ranchi is working with us, but the real key is the local team of believers that are on the frontline with me. It’s hard for us to imagine that so many people have never had a chance to hear the Gospel.

I know from experience that when Muslims, Hindus and Christians hear the Gospel, tears of joy will pour forth, as they discover a faithful Father in heaven, who loves them, forgives them, and offers mercy instead of punishment.

No wonder, our beautiful co-workers in India are willing to put it all on the line to gain such a treasure of souls.

It’s a big miracle that we have received the permits from Governors and Police Commissioners to hold this Gospel outreach.

That’s why I’m writing you today. With only a couple of weeks to go, we are still $84,000 short. That’s why I ask you to ACT NOW.

Your gift of $75 provides follow-up for 300 new believers, $130 trains 5 pastors, $250 provides 10,000 handbills, and $2,500 pays to rent the stadium for one night.

Maybe you can be one in a thousand sharing $84, or one in a hundred sowing a seed of $840. Whatever you do, even $5, will make a difference.

Your gift to World Impact Ministries NOW will positively demonstrate the love of our heavenly Father and the power of His Gospel to hungry hearts.

Please do not set this letter aside… this is an opportunity to bless you, because he who “sows bountifully will reap also bountifully”.

Jesus is the Lord of the harvest, and He will see to it that you receive your reward.

According to the covenant God gave to Abraham, everyone who blesses Jesus, who is the Seed of Abraham, is blessed. When you bless Jesus and His Gospel by your love gift, YOU ARE BLESSED.

Thank you in Jesus’ name!

Peter Youngren

P.S. Please rush your gift and your prayer request today. I will bring every prayer request with me to India, and I will ask the pastors in the “Gospel Revolution Seminar” to join me in laying hands on your prayer request.

Thank you for your participation in this historic outreach!

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