They Never Knew

People receive amazing healings the first time they hear of Jesus

It is sometimes hard to realize that there are billions, who have never even heard the name of Jesus. In North America there are church buildings everywhere, and we have Christian bookstores, radio and television readily available. A common misunderstanding is that people without access to the Gospel live in remote areas. Not so! Most live in large cities, especially in Asia.

These three stories are from people in Bali, Indonesia, who all share a common background – they had never heard the name ‘JESUS’. One of them heard the choir sing, ‘Hallelujah’, and thought that the God we worshipped must be named hallelujah. They were all familiar with Starbucks, Pizza Hut and Dunkin Donuts, but “Jesus, who is that?”


Pa Maku, himself a renowned Hindu priest, encountered a paralysing disease two years earlier. He had to be carried on a bed to get anywhere, and that’s how he arrived at the Gospel Festival. He heard about Jesus, faith came in his heart, and before tens of thousands he testified and demonstrated that he now could walk unhindered. The rejoicing seemed to not want to end, as people were amazed that God would heal a Hindu priest.


4 year old Keiko was given less than 30 days to live, with the only hope being, if she could get to Singapore for a heart transplant. Her family was poor, so even the trip itself would be too costly, never mind the cost for the operation. They read the local newspaper about a “Friendship Festival”, and thought free medicine was offered, and wondered if that could help to even prolong Keiko’s life for a few days. Her mother tells, “It was raining as I headed to the National Stadium. I felt bad, thinking that maybe I was jeopardizing my daughter’s life even more by taking her out in the rain, but something kept me going. After the prayer, I was sure that something had happened, but the medical doctors that were beside the stage to verify the healings before people were allowed on the platform wouldn’t let us go up there”. Keiko looked emaciated and weak, so naturally these doctors wondered if a genuine healing had really happened. It wasn’t until eleven months later when Peter Youngren came back to Bali for another Gospel event that Keiko and her mother got a chance to tell their story in front of a packed stadium. Jesus had indeed healed Keiko, no heart transplant was needed. Now with all the medical documents in hand to confirm the miracle , Keiko’s story became an even greater testimony to the reality of Jesus.


Ibu Nyomen had a large tumor in her breast. When she heard of the Gospel Festival, she also initially thought there was free medicine offered. It was only when Peter began to speak that the message of Jesus made sense to her. During the prayer, she noticed the tumor was gone. Still not convinced she left the stadium to see her doctor. Could it be that the tumor had just disappeared? The doctor tested her immediately and all traces of a tumor had disappeared. The next night Ibu Nyomen came with medical records in hand to give public thanks to Jesus.

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