Together in the Mission Field

In several days I am back in northern Nigeria in the city of Zaria, a predominantly Muslim city. I need your help immediately. We are still $110,000 short financially, and we only have a few days left to go.

 Dear Friend,

    You are an anointed partner, and we share together in the ministry of JESUS CHRIST. His love touches and heals today, just like in Bible days! HOW DOES IT HAPPEN? By Jesus releasing HIS RESURRECTION LIFE THROUGH US.

    Miracles prove to non-believers that our message is genuine. During three decades of supernatural Gospel ministry, I have learned that if we approach Jesus, like the people did in the book of Acts, He will do the same today. JESUS HAS NEVER CHANGED.

    The enemy has never succeeded in getting us off track; we have stayed focused on Jesus and what He has done. Jesus commanded that we T-E-A-C-H and D-O His gospel. Our teaching announces the incredible fact that our sins have been punished in the body of Jesus Christ. But there is more…in the same moment that Jesus carried our sins, He also bore our sicknesses.

    THE DOING is just as important as the teaching. We mustn’t say, and not do. People will only believe when they see the Gospel confirmed with miracles. That’s why we must work together with Jesus. This is the mission of Jesus; it is my mission, and it is also YOUR MISSION…we all have a part.

    Jesus has called every believer to participate in bringing Christ to people. Salute, your partnership is much more than a financial gift. Your giving puts you on location with me in the mission field. GOD SEES OUR PARTNERSHIP TOGETHER! Together, we are expressing Christ’s love and hope to hurting precious people.

    Neighbors are close because they live in the same area. Families are close because they share a common blood relationship. We are close because of a COMMON VISION AND A COMMON FAITH. We are supernaturally connected together in a commitment for Jesus Christ and for souls without Christ.

    One of my rewards is to see the results of your partnership. I try to share with you the wonders of what God is doing. 

    There is an urgency right now. Northern Nigeria has been a spiritual wasteland. While revivals and churches flourish in southern Nigeria, Islamic Sharia Law has dominated the north. Preachers who have enjoyed success in the southern part of Nigeria have been declared “un-welcome” in the north. Churches have been burned, Christians have even been killed.

    God has called us to break barriers in places that have been considered impossible. When the governor of Kaduna State invited me to an official State dinner, and then broadcast the entire event live, I could scarcely believe my eyes.

    Here we were in a country where preachers had been disallowed and believers killed. Simply put, GOD’S FAVOR IS ON US. I say like Paul, “for a great and effective door has opened to me” (1 Corinthians 16:9) The local pastors, one by one, declared, “this is history happening right before our eyes.”

    In several days I am back in northern Nigeria in the city of Zaria, completely dominated by Muslims. I need your help immediately. We are still $110,000 short financially, and we only have a few days left to go.

    I encourage myself, because the same God, who has given me favor in impossible places, is also giving us (you and I) favor for finances. Jesus is our Source, and now we receive the blessing He has paid for.

    I ask every partner to give a gift of $110. If necessary send two gifts for $55 each over the next 30 days. Any gift, $1000, or even $1 will be helpful. I need large gifts, but I never forget that the widow’s mite is uniquely blessed by Jesus. The bottom line is that I ask everyone, every friend and partner, to participate.

    Thank you to everyone who has already responded in the past. Thank you for your response right now at this critical time. Please take these steps with me:

1. CLICK HERE and plant your very best seed gift today. THANK YOU!

2. At the same time send us your most urgent prayer request, I will pray and believe God for you.

3. Select the teaching, “Live a Bigger Life”. This four CD album is something extra special. You will hang onto every word as I reveal God’s bigger and better plans for you, your loved ones and your future.

    Finally, thank you for honoring Jesus Christ by your seed gift.

    I love and appreciate you.

    With love and faith, because of Jesus Christ!

    Peter Youngren

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