Tonight on a Plane to Pakistan

Tonight I step on a plane to Pakistan.

Every financial need has been met. Thank you!

Be encouraged and blessed by this letter. - Peter

“I thank my God upon Every remembrance of you” (Phil 1:3)

In just a few hours I will step on an airplane to Pakistan; a hotbed of violence, bombing, and terrorism, but that’s not all…

…Pakistan also has millions of hearts ready for the gospel.

My heart is filled with gratitude to you. You see, this is not my ministry any more than it is your ministry. All of us are co-laborers with Christ. I think that’s how the apostle Paul felt when he thanked the Philippians.

There are seven reasons why I want to thank God and you today.

…I thank God for your LOVE FOR JESUS. If you didn’t care about Jesus, you wouldn’t care about souls, or about this ministry.

…I thank God for your LOVE FOR THE LOST. That is the heartbeat of World Impact Ministries… why we do what we do. The more people we can bring to Jesus, the better it is.

…I thank God for your FAITH (2 Thess 1:3). Thank you for not being small-minded… talking small… thinking small… believing small. Instead, the size of your God determines the size of your faith.

…I thank God for your PARTNERSHIP. Love is more than words… it is action. Your partnership demonstrates LOVE IN ACTION.

…I thank God for your VISION. Thank you for looking beyond yourself… for ever widening your circle of love… believing God to bless others through you.

…I thank God for your GLOBAL PERSPECTIVE. From Indonesia to India, from Africa to Pakistan, you are involved in touching the world.

…I thank God for your GENEROSITY. Time and again you give of yourself and of your finances. Your attitude and willingness to share speaks more than any words.

This upcoming Gospel Festival in Pakistan will be the first of two Gospel festivals in this desperately needy nation.

When I return from Pakistan I will be home only for 5 days, and then turn around again to go to Indonesia, the world’s largest Muslim country. Then I will go back again to Pakistan.

Can you see that we need to replenish our missions account? Just like a car needs to be refueled, this gospel harvest machine called World Impact Ministries needs your help right now. This is the heaviest, most intense time of Gospel Campaigns we’ve been in all this year.

Thank you for what you’ve done in the past and for standing with me now. Each of the two upcoming campaigns are just in access of $100,000, and hundreds of thousands of souls are at stake. I pray that you will respond and do the very best you can.

I’m not even suggesting an amount. Some can do a very large amount… others may give smaller. Whatever you do, God sees the attitude with which you are giving. Thank you! I will look for your response when I return from Pakistan.

With much gratitude to Jesus and YOU,

Peter Youngren

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