Torrential Downpour & Cancelled Permissions: Can Not Stop God’s FAVOR

Dear Friend,

Thank you so much for your continued support and prayers these past two weeks in Indonesia, and the two back to back Gospel Festivals and Seminars. From the city of Sorong last week, to Batam this week, you have been with me every step of the way as we present Jesus to thousands upon thousands of people, Muslims and Christians alike.

Despite being hit by rain every night in Sorong, many thousands of Muslims and Christians alike gathered, in spite of the rain, to receive from Jesus. So many incredible miracles were seen every night. A full report to come soon.

Batam has been a sensational miracle of God’s favor. The day I was to fly into Batam from Sorong I was notified that the Festival was being cancelled due to a heightened security risk and threat of bomb attack on the Festival. I can’t tell you how disheartening this was. I know many thousands have been praying and supporting this Festival all around the globe, including you. I know thousands of volunteers in Batam have been working and praying for weeks for the Festival. Most of all, I know so many people need to meet Jesus and would be refused opportunity if the Festival was cancelled.

My friend, what happened next was truly the hand of God. As my airplane touched down in Batam, I was met by 11 Muslim journalist. We had a lengthy press conference at the airport, where I shared that I had come in friendship, to present God’s love revealed through Jesus for all people. We would attempt to build bridges of peace between all people through Jesus. Notice how I make Jesus the central issue. Not religion, not anything but Jesus. I have found that when the hardest sinner meets Jesus, all other problems quickly disappear. My job is to present Jesus as clearly as I can with the help of the Holy Spirit.

From the airport press conference I was quickly ushered to meet the chief of police and head of security intelligence for the Batam region. Again, I was able to share the same message as I shared with the 11 journalist only an hour before. The reception was beautiful. I have found that Muslims, Christians, Hindus and Buddhists are almost always open to know more about Jesus. 

I wish you were physically here with me to feel the sense of jubilation when the reversal of decision came directly from the Governor, and we were allowed to proceed with the Festival. Word spread like wildfire, and the city was completely ecstatic. As I turned up for the first Festival meeting, so many thousands of Muslim friends were present. I never grow accustomed to this rare privilege of presenting Jesus to multiplied thousands of people from so many backgrounds and religions.

The story does not end here. As I was about to get up to speak, a torrential rainstorm hit the stadium. I have been preaching in outdoor Festivals for over 30 years, and rarely have I been in such a storm. The wind was fierce, and was directed straight into my face as I spoke. Thunder and lightening ripped through the open air, making any sound passing through this commotion near impossible. Yet, I could not stop and call it a night. How, could I when so many have sacrificed so much for these meetings.

CATCH THIS: My voice could barely be heard over the roar of the storm, yet the people were so anxious to receive from Jesus, they did not leave.  I didn’t even have time to greet the people on that opening night as is my custom. The storm was so bad that I launched into my message with every ounce of strength I had. Not even five minutes into the message a lame man suddenly leapt from his bed and started walking. The crowd saw him and went wild with excitement. Now my voice could not be heard at all, but quickly miracles started being realized throughout the stadium.

I never really did finish my message. There were so many miracles we started taking them one by one to testify. One incredible miracle I have to mention was a dear Mullah who was healed. What made this testimony so special was that despite the threats of bombing, cancellation and now hurricane force rain storm, so many Muslim friends and leaders came to receive from Jesus.

We are truly blessed and favored of God to have this incredible privilege. I feel honored to have you as my partners and friends.

You make this possible, Thank You!

Peter Youngren

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