UPDATE: Crisis In Northern Nigeria

On December 1st we reported that violent religious clashes had hit Northern Nigeria leaving up to 400 people dead, and thousands more displaced. A strict military crack down has brought increased stability to the region, but the situation is still being watched very carefully. Anger and violence are still an issue, and small skirmishes are being diffused on a daily basis. Only 7 years ago, this same region was ravaged by religious violence and thousands of deaths. Officials fear this current uprising could spread if not carefully dealt with.

World Impact Ministries team is on the ground in Northern Nigeria preparing for the Friendship Festival in Ikara starting in 7 days. The team has been in regular contact with the Governor, Vice Governor and security forces of the region, who are assessing the situation carefully. Each has graciously communicated their support of this Festival.

Peter Youngren and World Impact Ministries have expressed their agreement of the Governor’s final decision, and have committed to moving forward with the Gospel Festival should the permissions be upheld to conduct the event. Already in 2008 Peter Youngren and World Impact Ministries have faced incredible odds, and the Lord has provided favor and safety. In Pakistan a major terrorist bomb killed hundreds at a major hotel in the capital city only days before World Impact Ministries' Festival. The Government urged all foreigners to leave the country. Despite the incredibly negative news, the Festival was allowed to proceed, and God provided amazing results. A muslim journalist said it was the largest crowd she had ever seen in Karachi, Pakistan.

Karachi, Pakistan

This past month in Indonesia the security forces reported a terrorist plot against World Impact Ministry’s Festival in Batam. It was reported a terror cell planned to set off a bomb at the Festival. Yet again, favor was granted, and the Festival was permitted to be conducted and was an astounding success.

Batam, Indonesia

World Impact Ministries has been favored to receive incredible favor and goodwill from government leaders around the world. At a time of increasing geopolitical unrest hinging on religious differences, God has given Peter Youngren a message of friendship, hope and unity among all religions. It is a message centered around God's love revealed through Jesus. Leaders have recognized that Peter’s message is unique and brings peace to situations of unrest.

Friends, we need your help today. Please click on the link below to show your support in prayer, or click on the donate now button to financially support this historic Festival in Ikara, Nigeria.

See recent news articles reports (from Reuters and Oxfam) below on the religious violence hitting this area of Northern Nigeria in the past week.

Nigerian soldiers patrol the city of Jos. Residents delivered more bodies to the main mosque in the city on Sunday, bringing the death toll from two days of clashes to around 400 people. Rival ethnic and religious mobs have burned homes, shops, mosques and churches in fighting triggered by a disputed local election in a city at the crossroads of Nigeria's Muslim north and Christian south. It is the country's worst unrest for years. Reuters/Akintunde Akinleye (NIGERIA)

Situation in Nigeria remains tense - Francis Ayinzat

Oxfam staff in Jos, Nigeria, have reported that the situation in the city remains very serious. Francis Ayinzat, an Oxfam Programme Coordinator for Oxfam, who left the city yesterday, said:

“Thousands of people have fled to take shelter in places such as military bases. In one barrack two thousand people are sleeping on the floor with no basic facilities. Most of the shops are closed and the price of food is increasing dramatically. Water could soon run out as no one is manning the pumping stations. As I left this afternoon, I heard gunshots and I haven't heard from members of my family who fled their homes on Friday.”

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