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540 New Partners – it must happen now!  Click here to become a VIP.


                 Thank you for your interest in reaching millions of Muslims.

                 It is happening through our 24/7 television channel to the Muslim world. Since we began broadcasting in Karachi, the world’s largest Muslim city, in 2014 we have been on 7 large cable networks. The results are remarkable – an average of 2000 Muslims per month respond to know more about Christ.  This is unheard of in the Muslim world – God’s favour!

                 All along I have known that we must comply with broadcast regulations – we must go on satellite. This is a must, not an option. Plus it is a huge step forward, because the satellite reaches 49 Muslim countries in the Urdu language[understood by more than 600 million people].

                 We have delayed this time and again, and the broadcast regulators have allowed us to postpone, but now we cannot wait any longer – we must be in compliance this month, or we risk losing the our broadcast license.       

                 In short, as of June 2016, we are on satellite reaching into 49 Islamic nations like Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and Yemen. I took this step without any funds in hand, because, I can’t say ‘no’ when millions of precious souls are at stake. I can’t say ‘no’ in a part of the world where people are martyred for their faith. This is the front lines of the gospel.

                 So what was my hesitation you may wonder. In a word, finances. Going on satellite means an additional $260,000 per year on top of what we’ve already committed. While our hearts are full of love, our hands and pockets are empty – and that’s why we must believe God now to speak to willing people. Specifically, I ask you to send a special gift and even more importantly, would you become one of the 540 new monthly VIP partners. Here is how this urgent gospel opportunity could be met:

                • 70 new partners sharing $84/month.

                • 150 new partners sharing $42/month.

                • 320 new partners sharing $30/month.

                Frankly, I don’t know how the Lord will speak to your heart. All I know is that this whole ministry is a supernatural work of God. I believe that if you are a believer, who has reached this page, you are one of these 540 new monthly partners needed. Or, if you are VIP partners already, that God may speak to you to increase your partnership.

                The world needs you! The gospel needs you!

                Thank you,


              Peter Youngren

540 New Partners – it must happen now!  Click here to become a VIP.VIP

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