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Recently I was asked to articulate the purpose of this ministry in a single sentence.  The questioner pointed out that to many organizations this could be a trying, even painful process. It could be difficult for me because I have to consider a wide range of ministries we are involved with: the Celebration Church, World Impact Ministries, Celebrate Jesus International, Celebration Bible College, overseas Gospel Festivals, television ministry and International Pastors’ seminars. I could break down every one of those departments into other areas of activities. For example the Celebration Church is currently in three locations: Toronto, Niagara and Hamilton, each one presenting its own challenges and opportunities. 

As I sat back and asked the Lord to help me articulate what He has called us to do in one sentence, I wrote these words: “We are called to reveal who Jesus is and what He has done for the world, and why this matters to every person, every nation and every situation”. Still, that is a sentence of twenty-seven words.

Could I summarize it further? In my heart there rose a brief statement; “We connect people to Jesus”, five words that summarize everything. Whether the Bible College, Gospel Festivals, Pastor Seminars, TV, church, literature, or the blog you are now reading – it’s all about Jesus.  Jesus has done something so powerful through His death and resurrection that the enemy of our soul works full time to blind people’s eyes to not see the glorious light of what Jesus has already accomplished for us. We get bogged down in situations, problems and circumstances, looking for teachings and sermons to help us be free from those complexities.

Meanwhile the solution to life’s problems is not found in an analysis or complicated plan to get us out of our dilemma. The answer is found in a revelation of Jesus. What He has done responds to every human situation. Whether marriage difficulties, interpersonal relationship problems, family difficulties, financial challenges, or physical heartaches, what Jesus has done relates to each situation.

Sadly, many have separated Jesus from the everyday situations, putting Him in a separate compartment that deals with eternal life and forgiveness of sins, while what He did remains sadly distant from what happens in our lives minute by minute. We connect people to Jesus, and that connection is not merely for the hereafter, but to deal with every challenge that comes at us on any given day.

In a stadium filled with Muslims, Buddhists and Hindus, or in a church service in the Western world – the only hope to human despair is Jesus Himself. Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal Jesus in an ever-greater way to you. Then carry this message to others; connect your friends and family to Jesus. Why don’t you send me a testimony of how connecting with Jesus has helped you. Blog to honor Jesus!  Peter Youngren

Last Updated ( Friday, 23 March 2007 )

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