We will all know by September 30

For all those who want to contradict what I’ve said about the Shemitah and Four Blood moons, take heart – we will all know by September 30. One preacher claims that the great tribulation is starting this month, another that the black horse in the book of Revelation is a description of September 2015. Others claim that the antichrist will be revealed on September 13 and the stock market will crash on that day, except oops, the stock market is not open that day, as it is a Sunday. I suppose we can all agree that if the above has happened, we will all know it.


Now to those who think that I am mocking. Jesus’ words and the task he gave us to give the gospel to “every creature” is very important to me. I take it personal. As far as mocking the so-called “end time” teachers that have focused on the Shemitah and Four blood moons, I am guilty as charged! I am mocking those who prey on godly believers with their non-biblical and unfounded assertions. I have no respect that these folks are serious students of the Bible or of history. But, make no mistake about it, I’m deeply respectful of what Jesus said. And he said nothing about any of the above.


The New Testament is clear that we do not follow Hebrew feasts or Sabbath years [Shemitah]. They have no significance to new covenant believers in Jesus Christ, except as pictures and symbols, which were a foreshadowing to the coming of Christ. Those feasts have now been fulfilled in Christ.


One more thing: stock market collapses do not happen every seven years. Here’s a couple of website that will give you the facts: http://www.macrotrends.net/1319/dow-jones-100-year-historical-chart and https://www.americanfunds.com/individual/planning/market-fluctuations/past-market-declines.html. As far as those who are bent on believing the doom and gloom no matter what, these facts won’t mean anything, but reasonable people will take notice.


Once again, for those who are followers of Jesus Christ, let’s focus on what he focused on. Find out more at give.peteryoungren.org.

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1 comment on “We will all know by September 30”

  1. Riverjao Reply

    Great stuff Pastor Peter! I appreciate all that you’ve been sharing on this whole September/Shemitah/Blood Moon nonsense. Blessings!

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