West Papua, Indonesia

Final Night - West Papua ... many astounding miracles taking place!


The West Papua Friendship Festival is now over. The World Impact Ministry Missions Team was blessed to see the crowds grow every night of the festival. The final night not only saw the greatest crowd, but also was a ‘grand finale’ of many astounding miracles taking place!

Pastor Peter preached a message about new life in Jesus: Whoever you are and no matter your background, you can have a personal relationship with God and a restored life. Jesus did not come to condemn the world but to save it. Jesus came because God so loved the world.

Thousands of people received Jesus into their hearts during the festival, and all glory to Jesus for all that He has done during these days.

Testimony Highlights:

A woman who had had difficulties walking for 57 years, ran to the stage full of joy and told the crowd how she was healed that night by Jesus.

One boy and one girl, who both had not been able to hear for 10 and 12 years due to accidents, received complete healing in their hearing.

Thank you, for your commitment to reach the unreached. This past week I have had the privilege and the joy of seeing God’s love and power revealed in Indonesia. The blind saw. The deaf heard. The lame walked. And most importantly, thousands received new life in Christ, and restored relationship with their Heavenly Father.

The 3rd night of the West Papua Friendship Festival is now over.

Day by day, the crowds have been growing; Thousands received Jesus into their hearts and lives tonight, as Pastor Peter shared the powerful message that nothing is impossible with God!

There have been too many healing testimonies to record them all, but there are a couple that really stand out to me:

A five year old boy, paralyzed on the left side of his body since birth, encountered Jesus, and is now able to move both arms and legs!

A woman was healed from three growths in her throat. She had these growths since 1993, but Jesus healed them in an instant!

As our partners know, we do post-festival follow-up whenever possible with people who have testified of healings. If you receive our email updates, you’ll have heard already of the woman (Ibu Ija) who was healed of the cataracts in her eyes. This woman had suffered with cataracts for 17 years. Unable to pay for the costly operation, the doctors told Ibu Ija she would be blind for the rest of her life. Yesterday (Friday) morning Ibu Ija had told her neighbors that she would receive her sight at the festival—and she did! Not only was the World Impact Minstries’ team able to go today and verify her story, but more importantly, Ibu Ija’s neighbor’s heard her testimony, and are able to see living proof of God’s love and power firsthand! Because of her testimony, all of Ibu Ija’s neighbors were at the festival tonight, and heard the Gospel! Hallelujah!

Night 2 in West Papua - THOUSANDS WERE SAVED!!!

It is the end of the second day of the West Papua Gospel Festival and the excitement among the people continues to build.

Pastor Peter shared a powerful message tonight about Jesus being our substitute. How he took our sin and gave us his righteousness. The power of God was so strong that when he asked who wanted to receive Jesus, almost every hand on the field was raised.

Salvation is the greatest miracle of all and because of partners helping us to bring the Gospel to West Papua; many have received Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.

When the word is preached signs and wonders will follow and tonight was no exception. Pastor Peter specifically prayed for the blind. Many received healing in their eyes. A woman named Ija had suffered with cataracts for 17 years and was instantly healed. A Muslim man had been paralyzed in his legs, but now he can walk.

Thank you for your support and prayers as we continue to reach out to the people in West Papua with the Gospel of Jesus.

Night 1 in West Papua - GREAT SUCCESS

The first night of the West Papua Gospel Campaign was a great success—thousands came to the festival grounds to hear about Jesus and God’s love for all men!

The name of Jesus was lifted up as God’s love was revealed to the people through signs, wonders and miracles. Many were healed of deafness tonight. The testimony that touched me the most is one of a young boy, only 11 years old, who was completely deaf since birth. I was overwhelmed as I saw him on stage with his mother, telling everyone how Jesus gave him full hearing capabilities in his ears! Praise God!!

A great thank you to our partners who made tonight possible. You ARE making a difference in countless lives! Thank you for keeping us in your prayers as God continues to reveal His love to these precious people.



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