When Preachers Empower the Devil

The devil has no power. His only means of influence is to deceive believers, and if we believe the devil’s lies we empower him. Consider the demonic opposition recorded in the books of Acts; believers were made homeless, taken to prison and beaten. Philip went to a city dominated by witchcraft. Paul preached in cities where idolatry and magic held sway over the people. How were these evil forces were dealt with?

We do not find a single account where any of the apostles renounced, rebuked, or cast down idols, evil spirits or powers of Satan. Instead we only find statements that they “spoke boldly in the Lord”, “magnified the name of Jesus” and “preached the Gospel”.

We know from Acts chapter 19 in the case of Diana, the goddess of the Ephesians, that the apostle Paul never addressed Diana, or spoke in a derogatory way about her (Acts 19:37). While today’s preachers are often heard renouncing evil spirits, why were the apostles seemingly ignoring this? The apostles knew that all principalities, demons and demonic forces including Diana, have been utterly defeated by Jesus’ death and resurrection. Consequently there was no need to address them. In fact the apostle Paul put Diana out of business without ever speaking negatively of her.

Interestingly, about six or seven years ago a preacher friend of mine once again attributed power to Diana and rallied about 5000 charismatic Christians from all over the world to go to Ephesus to pray against Diana in an effort to purge the heavens from Diana’s power. This preacher stated that the goddess Diana was the “queen of heaven”, ruling as a “territorial spirit” over the Islamic world and of course the nation of Turkey where Ephesus was located. Suddenly Diana had power again. Thousands of Christians now viewed her as a mighty opposing force. Paul had never viewed her that way. He had simply seen Diana, as she really is, a defeated demonic deception, not even worthy of mention.

Isn’t it ironic that Diana was once again empowered by a charismatic preacher? I mention this because it illustrates how the devil dominates people’s lives. Satan in fact has zero power (Hebrews 2:14), except when we lend him our authority, but believing his lies. Satan is a factor, but not because he has power, but because people believe his deceptions and lies.

We don’t overcome the devil by trying to break him, or cast him down, because Jesus has already done this. Instead we overcome the lies, “the wiles” of the devil by believing the truth of what Jesus has done. Don’t believe Satan’s deceptions. He has no power over you, your mind, your family or your future. All you need to know is that Jesus has conquered the devil.

Let me know your thoughts. Keep blogging.

– Peter

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