Which party does Jesus belong to?

How will America, Canada or any nation experience spiritual transformation? Is moral legislation the answer? What about more Christian politicians? Popular columnist and news commentator, Cal Thomas, who has been a Christian right political activist since Ronald Regan was first elected president, used to think so. Back then the idea was (and still is with many) that if only enough “real” Christians were elected in all levels of government we’d have honesty, integrity, moral laws and godly judges. America [or Canada or whatever nation would follow this path] would then be a truly Christian nation. Cal Thomas now sees things differently; Christian politicians and morality will not change America, but a grassroots spiritual awakening.

Imagine Paul the apostle, strategizing how to get Christians elected to the Roman senate or Corinth’s city council. What about Philip planning to lobby the Samaritan political leaders to pass laws that would facilitate a spiritual revival in a city infested with witchcraft (Acts 8). Let’s keep dreaming. Imagine Jesus and the disciples lobbying the Roman and Jewish authorities to accept Jesus as the Messiah. Maybe the government could set aside an “Honor Jesus – the Messiah” day. That would help the cause, wouldn’t it? If one or two of the disciples could get elected wouldn’t that be the stepping-stone to a great revival.

Will morality save a nation? Many say “yes”, but the Gospel says “no”. The whole idea with the Gospel is that the world needs a Savior, a rescuer. Now, we don’t need a Savior if we can save ourselves, or if moral legislation can save us. Let me be blunt. The current emphasis of trying to change a nation and bring about revival by political means is an offense to the Gospel. I was in Bible College in 1974 and remember many of my classmates arguing that “Nixon was God’s man for righteousness in America.”  Hindsight is 20/20, and we now know things didn’t go as planned; they never do when we put our trust in man.

Christianity did pretty well for 300 years, until it was accepted by the political powers of Rome. It’s hard to know whether Christianity took over the government or the government took over Christianity, maybe a bit of both. 

Will Christian politicians save our country? No, not any more than Christian merchants, Christian nurses or Christian schoolteachers, and of course we want Christians everywhere. 

Will morality and godly laws save our nation? “No”, there is only one Savior, Jesus. Our nation is dying from lack of knowledge of Him: who He is, what He has done and who He can be in us and we in Him. Preachers preach solutions by moral religious efforts and good deeds. Preach Jesus and the result will be morality, good deeds, because His righteousness imparted in us will exalt a nation. Your thoughts?

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