Will you do something EXTRA and expect the MAXIMUM in your life?

Dear Partner and Friend,

I just returned from Liberia, where we saw awesome wonders and thousands of precious souls received Jesus. While still in the afterglow of this, I am making preparations for two time-sensitive Gospel campaigns in East Africa.

Huge crowds are anticipated and my campaign director is reporting that excitement is at an all-time high. Why East Africa? Why now?

The devastating attacks by Islamic terrorists in East Africa have resulted in hundreds of churches calling on our ministry to come now.

Last year terrorists took over the biggest shopping area in East Africa and held hundreds of people hostage for many days. There have been many similar confrontations. East Africa is becoming a conflict area.

Church leaders recognize how God helps me to see breakthroughs in difficult areas especially among Muslims, and that’s why they are calling. As I prepare for these campaigns, remarkable memories from previous times in East Africa have flooded my heart.

I recall the insane man, who people called the “monkey man”. He had spent ten years roaming like an animal, mostly naked, often tied down with ropes and chains, but to no avail. For four days prior to our Campaign, he slept on the open field. He couldn’t explain why, only that something compelled him to stay there.

Well, we know it was the Holy Spirit drawing him. This is the work of God’s Spirit; it is not by might or power, but by the Spirit of the Lord.

When I prayed on that first night evil spirits twisted his body like a pretzel. Twenty minutes later as he approached the platform, the people were screaming, “It’s the monkey man”. Many had seen him root through garbage dumps and behave like an animal. Now, they could barely believe that this hopeless man had been restored.

There he was testifying, “I saw a great light come into me, and Jesus told me that I am no longer a monkey man, my name is now Zechariah”. Well, today his name is Zachariah and he’s a preacher of the Gospel.

At another of our Campaigns in East Africa, two blind sisters were healed, resulting in an entire class from the school of the blind attending, and many more received sight. The entire city was shaken by this sign of God’s love.

Most of all I remember salvation calls where ten, twenty, even fifty thousand people at one time responded to repent and receive cleansing through the blood of Jesus Christ. There are so many priceless moments that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

My friend, if it wasn’t for people like you, giving and believing with me, these wonders would not have happened.

Now this urgent call has come. Your prayers and your gifts will take our team to this very strategic area of the world. Thank you for all you have already done for the Lord Jesus.

I will report from the Liberia festival next month and you will rejoice at the awesome wonders God gave us. Again, it happened because of God’s love for the people and God’s love in your heart.

I am always open with our partners about the challenges we face and what is going on in the ministry. That is why I send you this urgent personal request.

The first campaign in East Africa is in Dodoma, the capital of Tanzania and the second is in the large city of Mombasa, Kenya.

I don’t write these words lightly, but reality is that the need for your help now is absolutely vital and critical. Do not delay. Please send the best gift you can today.

What is the worth of a person? If you have a motorcycle or a house it is worth whatever someone will pay for it. Jesus demonstrated the value of each person when he died for us.He showed us that every soul is priceless. We are worth the wealth of the universe and Jesus proved it.

Our urgent mandate is to announce to the world: GOD LOVES YOU! JESUS IS ALIVE! JESUS SAVES! But time may run out. The many acts of terror are having an effect. The situation is volatile and uncertain. Pastors and leaders are saying we are needed now.

Here are the facts: Preparations are being made even as you receive this message and expenses must be paid now in order to go ahead. Substantial amounts of money must be released in the next few days or the work cannot go on.

We are excited that massive crowds are expected, but this requires an enormous amount of preparation. Most expenses have to be paid many weeks in advance. We have no choice but to go forward and release the finances now.

My dear partner and friend, I know you care about Jesus and His Gospel. Thank you for your faithfulness in the past, but unless I hear from you soon, some of the upcoming campaigns cannot go forward.

The thought of having to pull back simply breaks my heart and I know it breaks your heart too, because people hearing the Gospel is the most important task in the whole world.

I am not ashamed to be bold and ask: Will you do something extra, and then expect the maximum of God’s blessing in your life?

Help me say “yes” to these precious people.

I ask you from the bottom of my heart; give your best and most generous seed gift today. We are moving forward because God keeps opening unprecedented doors of opportunity. But, there is no guarantee that the doors will remain open.

Solomon wrote that it is a shame to sleep in the season of harvest (Prov 10:5). I earnestly ask you to help me obey the command of the Lord Jesus Christ. This is our harvest season. And Jesus is the Lord of the harvest.

Please sow an abundant seed gift today. Thank you for your generosity. Give with expectancy and then watch and see what God will do in your life.

Your partner in the Gospel,

Peter Youngren

This message comes with a prayer that you will seek the Lord about giving the largest gift ever. Help me say “YES” today!

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