Wow! God’s Astonishing Grace

This month World Impact Ministries, and that means you and I, take ownership of Canada’s largest 24/7 Christian tv channel, The Christian Channel (TCC).

Seventeen months ago, a person came to my door asking, “would you be interested in taking ownership of The Christian Channel?” The owners could have approached any denomination or preacher in the country, but the opportunity came to us.

Now, 17 months later, the vision has become a reality. On May 4th I received word that the Canadian Radio and Television Commission (CRTC) had totally endorsed our application.

It’s time to take back the original purpose of Christian television. Do you remember when Christian television first began, how believers enthusiastically embraced the idea? We were excited to bring the knowledge of Jesus Christ to everyone.

Early pioneers like Billy Graham, Katharine Kuhlman and Rex Humbard faithfully kept Christ in the center of their media outreach; the church was on its way to cover the earth with Christ’s Gospel. Regrettably in recent years Christian tv has become a “turnoff”, even a laughing stock to some. Let’s take Christian television back.

In 1987 I preached a prophetic message about Canada to three hundred pastors and hundreds of others at a meeting in Saskatoon. People were crying as I brought a Canadian flag, pointing to the maple leaf and declaring that the leaves of the trees are for the healing of the nations.

Since then I have heard many others share the same about our flag, but when I said it that night in Saskatoon, I had never heard it before. It was something that exploded by God’s Spirit in me.

I spoke about the prophetic significance of the red and the white on our flag, and what God had showed me concerning the English and French speaking parts of our country. Later I published the “The Coming Canadian Awakening”, and in 1988 I toured 50 cities across our country to share the vision for Canada.

Since then we have been busy with Gospel Festivals, Church Planting, International Bible Schools and sending out missionaries, but the vision for Canada has kept on burning in my heart.

That’s why I was thrilled when the opportunity to purchase The Christian Channel came 17 months ago. I didn’t pray or fast for this; God brought the opportunity to my door.

It is a gigantic challenge. Already more than 30% of Canadian households are receiving The Christian Channel, and we expect to double this by 2010.

This summer the Christian Channel will be rebranded “Grace TV”. I commit to make Grace TV into a Gospel Channel you will be proud to tell your friends about. A host of wonderful producers are already involved on a weekly or daily basis; Billy Graham, Charles Stanley, Willard & Betty Thiessen, Benny Hinn, Bill Gaither, Kenneth Copeland, James Robison, Andrew Womack, Joseph Prince and Anthony Greco just to mention a few.

I have been speaking to pastors and people across our country and there’s a swell of excitement. We’re committed to build Canada’s Gospel voice to the world.

As we stand at the very edge of this awesome vision, I am reminded of Deborah who said, “has not the Lord God of Israel commanded, saying ‘Go… and take with you 10,000’ ” (Judges 4:6). That’s where the idea of Grace 10,000 was born, ten thousand Canadian believers who will be involved every month sharing a gift of $25 or more.

We read about Deborah and her associate Barrack, that “they… went down with 10,000 following:” (Judges 4: 14-16).

Please look at the enclosed material and take the following steps:

1- Click the response link and commit to join in Deborah’s victorious army of 10,000; become a Grace 10,000 partner today.

2- Help us spread good will to the Canadian TV industry. If your television provider already carries TCC, then write a “Thank You” note. If not, write a note of encouragement to add TCC on your cable or satellite .

Your letter will make a huge difference. Every letter received is considered to speak for at least a thousand people. Your voice will help get The Christian Channel into every home.

3- The financial challenge is enormous I need every partner and friend who can possibly give $1,000 to do so today. I believe there are people who have never given $1,000 in their life, but who will release the $1,000 because of the historical significance of this announcement.

Any action demands faith, but “faith only works by love” (Gal. 5:6). Take a moment to picture how much God loves Canada, and then how much God loves you. There’s nothing we can do to improve or reduce His love. God’s love is solid, based on what Jesus did on the cross for us, and for our nation.

As you meditate on God’s love for you, faith will be easy.

Take these steps of faith:

First, join Grace 10, 000 and become a monthly partner.

Secondly, take a step of faith to sow your very best seed gift. Whether it is $1,000 $5,000, $500, $300 or $50, I need every single partner today.

As soon as I receive your response, I will send you the Grace TV pin and our special Grace 10,000 Partner Kit.

Together, we are making history. Please join me in this most powerful sowing experience. I really count on you joining with me. Thank you for responding.

Canada Shall be Saved!

Peter Youngren

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