You Can Have Favor In The Lion’s Den

Have you ever been thrown into a lion’s den? Not literally, but you felt like it. Maybe circumstances or a bad report made you feel trapped with no way out.

Why did God allow Daniel to be cast into the lions’ den? Simply, so that God’s power and love would be shown even greater and more awesome. Can you hear the sound of triumph in Daniel’s voice when he shouted,

My God has sent His angel and has shut the lions’ mouths that they have not hurt me”, (Daniel 6:22).

You may have faced some “lion’s den” situations. I have, and each time God showed Himself more mighty. Here are some examples:

• Years ago, militant Hindus attacked us in the city of Agra, smashing 225 lights and burning cars, to discredit Jesus and stop our campaign. God delivered us, no one was hurt and it became the greatest outreach in the history of that region in India.

• 3,000 demonstrators fuelled by hateful propaganda tried to stop our Gospel Campaign in Bandung, Indonesia. The police allowed me only half hour to preach, but with only three minutes to go, a Muslim woman walked out of her wheelchair totally healed. The demonstrators vanished and God gave a great victory.

• Recently one police chief reported 14 separate death threats against me from various terrorist groups in Central Java, Indonesia, but like Daniel, “there was no harm come to me”.

I have proven that with God we are safe even in the lion’s den. Yet, in a “lion’s den” of troubles, we often ask “why?” Look at Daniel!

1) Daniel was covered by God’s favor. You are favored. Both the devil and religious Pharisees hate to see God’s favor on you. The enemies trumped up charges against Daniel, but no weapon formed against him prospered.

2) Daniel received favor from the ungodly king of Babylon, who said, “Your God … will deliver you”, (Daniel 6:16). Look at that! Even the king, who was part of the conspiracy against Daniel, spoke blessing and favor. God’s favor on you will cause even your enemies to bless you.

In the next few weeks I’ll be in both Indonesia and Pakistan, countries that many have described as a lion’s den. Persecution is common; some believers have been sentenced to prison or death because of trumped up charges of blaspheming the Koran.

Yet, parallel with the fanatic groups that do anything to stop the Gospel, there are millions hungry and thirsty for Jesus.

Dating as far back as 1985, we have seen phenomenal victories in Pakistan, where tens of thousands of Muslims have received Jesus. Our nineteen Gospel Campaigns in Indonesia have been unparalleled, with hundreds of thousands coming to Christ.

Indonesia is the world’s largest Muslim nation and Pakistan is the second largest. Some are asking, ”why are you going?” It’s not that I’m looking for danger; I have already had enough adventure to last several lifetimes. No, our quest is SOULS, SOULS, SOULS. Everyone must have a chance to hear the Gospel of Jesus.

Maybe you are in a lion’s den of some struggle, difficulty, pain or impossibility. You have the King’s favor. Every need has been abundantly supplied by what the KING OF KINGS did at the cross 2,000 years ago. Grace means favor and you are abundantly favored of Jesus.

I’d like to send you a brand new ministry resource “Flowing in the Gifts of the Holy Spirit”, a three CD-album that gives a powerful teaching about the supernatural operation of the Holy Spirit. I want you to experience the anointing on this teaching in the comfort of your own home. Please, check the box on the donation page to ask for “Flowing in the Gifts of the Holy Spirit”. Click Here for Donation Page

The two upcoming Gospel Festivals carry a budget of $280,000, and based on our past track record I believe a minimum of 280,000 people will respond to Jesus. I’m counting on YOU to S-T-R-E-T-C-H your faith WITH ME as we reach deep into the lion’s den.

Please, do your very best today, whether you share a gift of $280, $140, $70, $35 or even $2,800. Do whatever your faith and love is able to embrace. Thank you. I will look for your response. Together we are making history.

Blessings in Christ,

Peter Youngren

P.S. If you are facing a lion’s den experience, be assured to include your prayer requests, which I will take to the Grace Prayer Center. We will look at your prayer request and receive according to what Jesus has already promised. HE IS MORE THAN ENOUGH!

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