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Hello From London

After three wonderful services at the Celebration Church yesterday, I left for Africa at midnight. Now I have a seven hour layover in London, and, I must admit, I don’t think I will ever get fully adjusted to air-travel, security checks, lineups and your biological time-clock being turned upside down. I’ve found a quiet spot in a corner of Heathrow airport to try to sleep sitting in a chair: it’s not working very well. You can see the effect of the financial situation—-a lot less travelers than normal.

What keeps me going is our purpose. At last check (late last week) 7000 pastors were pre-registered for the Gospel Revolution seminar in Nairobi. Well, our goal is nothing short of turning a whole country away from performance, merit-based religion to the Gospel of the Grace of God, the only message that can produce righteousness and true holiness. These will be intense days. Thanks for your prayers.

While here in London, I picked up a newspaper with reports of increased political tension in Pakistan: our next Gospel Festival destination. It seems we get to preach in the “hot spots”. The Gospel is the hope of the world, and from all my previous campaigns in Pakistan, I think the majority of Muslims there are wide open to the Good News of Jesus. We got terrific co-workers in Pakistan; they really give of themselves.

I have been thinking how the real answer to a troubled world lies in the knowledge of Jesus. Our mission is to turn on the light and increase the light of the knowledge of Jesus. That principle holds true no matter where you are. Sadly, the Church seems to be swimming in an ocean of strange ideas, legalistic influences and lots-–lots—of human wisdom ideas, while so little attention is given to the power of the cross of Christ. The Bible is pretty clear that one thing that will make the cross of Jesus of no effect is to preach it with words of human wisdom. What’s the situation where you live? What do you think is the focus of the Church?

Well, my flight leaves soon. I get in to Nairobi at 6:30 am tomorrow, then it’s off to our hotel, and at 10 am I will hold a press-conference for Kenya’s media. I want Jesus to shine brightly.


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