Your Spectacular Impact in India!


Dear Friend,

This news update that you are reading right now is designed to reach out to you and touch you in a real and personal way. I believe the Holy Spirit will genuinely encourage, empower, and equip you as you read.

God has a destiny for you where you are, and He wants to do something significant…for you….in you and…through you. It doesn’t matter who we are, young or old, EVERY BELIEVER has “an assignment from the Lord.”

• Jeremiah questioned God’s assignment, because he felt so inadequate.

• Moses doubted his assignment because he was not good at public speaking.

• Mary felt unqualified. She wondered how God would accomplish His great task through her.

We do not decide our assignment - God does. Then the Holy Spirit helps us to DISCOVER OUR ASSIGNMENT. That’s what happened to the apostle Paul. God gave him an assignment from his mother’s womb, but he was not aware of it. Then on the road to Damascus, he discovered that assignment, and finally he was able to say,“I was not disobedient to the heavenly vision”.

In the same way, God has a vision for you!

I want to share a couple of teaching nuggets. But first, I am writing this message against the backdrop of a very dramatic Gospel campaign in India. The World Impact Update tells the story. Please read it carefully, and look at the pictures.

I was charged in court twice. First I was accused of “mass conversion”, and then with “practicing medicine without a license”.  Anti-Christian militant groups threatened in the newspaper that they would attack me and disrupt our campaign…but God gave victory. Thank you for your prayers and support!

In spite of the chaos, God prevailed. Newspapers reported astounding healings of people who were deaf, blind, and handicapped, citing specific names and cases.

Sometimes people say to me “Peter you must really enjoy the Gospel campaigns”. I tell you the truth. Of course I enjoy seeing people receive miracles,  and I love when tens of thousands receive Christ at one time. Still I have a battle.

You see I also feel insignificant in comparison with the task. I can relate to how Jeremiah, Moses and the young Mary felt. Many times I say to the Lord, “Why me?  There are many others who could do this much better and who are better suited for this calling”. Maybe you have felt the same way.

Again and again the Holy Spirit reminds me that Jesus chose ORDINARY PEOPLE with all their weaknesses, inabilities, and flaws from ORDINARY BACKGROUNDS. Then the Holy Spirit reminds me that it is Jesus in us, who qualifies us.

DON’T EVER FORGET THIS: God did not choose you because you are QUALIFIED... He chose you because you are willing to allow the Holy Spirit to qualify you.

You see, the key is to know our NOTHINGNESS without Jesus, and yet that we have EVERYTHING in Him. Time and again, I remind myself that I have been crucified with Christ…and He now lives in me.

The prophet Samuel said, “for the Lord does not see as a man sees. For man looks on the outward appearance but the Lord looks to the heart.” Many times when I feel my nothingness in comparison to the huge task before me I begin to sing:

“He is my everything, He is my all, He is my everything, both great and small….....”

After the court injunctions against me failed, the militant anti-Christian groups tried to mock what the Lord was doing by using the news media to offer 1.5 million Indian rupees if I could prove that my prayers cured the sick.

Well that challenge was easy, because I have never believed that my prayers can heal anyone. Each night I had reminded the people, “do not expect anything from my prayers, expect only from Jesus”.

On the very night after this last challenge, a young boy, Sushil, who was born blind was healed [see picture in World Impact update]. The local committee counted 26 individual cases of healing from blindness that night alone. Many of those who had threatened me were in the services and became convinced of the reality of Jesus.

I experienced what the Bible says, “when we are weak we are strong”.

We are now preparing three campaigns, two in Indonesia, one in Pakistan, but we must have your help in this huge financial challenge. Giving money to God is one of the areas where God uses ordinary people. Your seed gift this month is for SOULS, but it is also a seed for YOUR ASSIGNMENT ........ YOUR CALLING.

If it wasn’t because of precious people like you who love and care, we couldn’t do these HISTORICAL CAMPAIGNS. The challenge and the opportunity now is for $150,000. Can you sow a seed gift of $75, $150, or even $1,500? We must have finances now to be able to move forward.

Give your offering in faith that you will have all that you need to do what God has called you to do at this time in your life.

Here is what often happens when God speaks to us about giving finances, especially when we are stirred to give a larger amount than what we normally do. The Lord will ruffle our nests (like the eagles do to their young before they fly). It is as if God himself is pushing us out of our comfort zone so that we will be able to soar to new heights in Jesus Christ.

I call this a FAITH PUSH!

God prompts us to give our resources for the Gospel ......and sometimes to give more than we would normally do. The key is to PRAY AND OBEY ...... and then expect a GREAT HARVEST.

Giving is.......

.......JESUS at work in you.

.......JESUS expressing His love and generosity through you.

Our part is simply to open our spirit to hear from Christ – we PRAY. Then God enables us to do what He tells us, and we do it - We OBEY.

Rejoice in what God did in India. Our partnership together is truly bearing good fruit. Your seed offerings have been used by God to bring about a MEGA HARVEST. Thank you for your response now. This is an urgent time.

I will look for your letter in the next few days.

Your partner in the Gospel,

Peter Youngren


As I am writing this message, I received word from Indonesia. A new Governor has just been elected in one of the states, and he has personally asked that I come to hold a Gospel Festival now. In one sense this is inconvenient, because our schedule is full, and our finances are already taxed to a maximum. But when I consider that Indonesia is the world’s largest Muslim country, I know THIS IS GOD’S FAVOR.

I just responded to the Governor that I am willing to go. Now your response to this letter is SUPER URGENT. This new opportunity comes on top of the Gospel Campaigns already scheduled. Thank you. God bless you for your love and generosity.

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