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God is bigger than any prayer request. Peter encourages us to see how the power at work in us is the power of God's love. ... See MoreSee Less

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This Week on You Are Loved with Peter Youngren

God is bigger than any prayer request. Peter encourages us to see how the power at work in us is the power of God’s love.

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Revelation Revolution January 31, 2016 - Peter hosts Greg Albrecht, author of Revelation Revolution, in a discussion about end-time predictions, Babylon and the Anti-Christ. Albrecht banishes confusion and fear by planting the cross of Christ in the midst of what he calls “misleading and irrelevant interpretations”, and sheds a gospel light on the misconceptions that surround the end-times. To get the […]
God Loves – We Consent January 24, 2016 - Peter continues to answer the question ‘Who Really is God?’ by demonstrating that God doesn’t coerce but instead consents and participates. You are invited to consent to God’s love for you. To get the full teaching, visit the store
The Islamic Dilemma January 17, 2016 - How should Christians react to the Syrian refugee crisis and the looming threat of terrorism? World Impact Ministries’ 24/7 Gospel TV Channel in the world largest Muslim city was attacked by terrorists, but Peter still proclaims that the Gospel can break down any barrier. Learn how to approach your Muslim friends with the the Gospel. […]

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