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Past Episodes:

Got Problems? God Has Solutions! February 20, 2018 - Problems are a part of our destiny, but as problems keep coming, so do God’s solutions.
Jesus and the “Impossible” People February 14, 2018 - With God there are no impossible people or impossible situations, but sometimes we see people as “impossible”. Find out how Jesus dealt with people that others thought were beyond help.
Get Mobilized February 13, 2018 - Sometimes we do not see, at other times we do not want to see. By co-operating with God’s purpose, our eyes are opened to see what we otherwise may miss.

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I heard Peter say "Rest in Jesus as you receive healing". The word "rest" drew me in. I had been having chest pains, but when I focused on rest, I totally relaxed, and have not had any pain since. Thank you, Lord, and thank you, Peter Youngren, for those words of encouragement!