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This Week on You Are Loved with Peter Youngren

When you are ready and willing to follow in God’s grace, He will open doors for you


Past Episodes:

How to Handle Spiritual Garbage January 16, 2018 - Spiritual Garbage can block your success. Learn how God’s wisdom can help rid you of that garbage to make room for His grace.
Inner Confidence January 15, 2018 - Learn of the powerful effects of God’s favor. Also, Dean Morris joins us this week to share his experience at the Mandalay Friendship Festival.
Praying with Nehemiah January 8, 2018 - Learn of Nehemiah’s story and how a difficult situation can turn into success in life by God’s grace.

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I heard Peter say "Rest in Jesus as you receive healing". The word "rest" drew me in. I had been having chest pains, but when I focused on rest, I totally relaxed, and have not had any pain since. Thank you, Lord, and thank you, Peter Youngren, for those words of encouragement!