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This Week on You Are Loved with Peter Youngren

The intuitive faith life is where you are free from legalistic, self-loathing, self-condemning thoughts, and instead you live in the light of God’s love. That’s the love zone. That’s the faith zone. The two are interconnected. You no longer try to produce faith, but instead you live in the assurance of God’s unconditional, irreversible love for you.

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Past Episodes:

Breakthrough in Islamic World August 21, 2016 - World Impact Ministries operates the only 24/7 Christian Television station in the largest Muslim City, in Pakistan. Find out what is happening.
The Islamic Dilemma August 14, 2016 - How should Christians react to the Syrian refugee crisis and the looming threat of terrorism? World Impact Ministries’ 24/7 Gospel TV Channel in the world largest Muslim city was attacked by terrorists, but Peter still proclaims that the Gospel can break down any barrier. Learn how to approach your Muslim friends with the the Gospel. […]
Love Reaches August 7, 2016 - World Impact Ministries has been asked to take a huge step of faith and a huge step forward. Thank you for responding to this SOS call for partners – 540 are needed to continue to reach the Muslim world with the gospel via 24/7 Christian TV broadcast from the world’s largest Muslim city – now […]

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