Q&A with Peter youngren

Question 1: I heard a charismatic pastor say the rapture is imminent. Do yo believe this?

Question 2: I have lost my job due to the pandemic, have been a believer for many years and am a faithful giver to my local church. I’m struggling how this is God’s best for me and my family right now. What about His provision and protection, how does this come into play when believers face situations like this?

Question 1: My 4yr old son recently saw 2 men kissing and asked me why they were kissing. I had no clue what to say. This is becoming normal in society and I am unsure how to explain it to a child who is so young.

Question 2: Are there strongholds we need to pray against to fight covid-19?

Question 1: Is the COVID-19 vaccine the mark of the Beast?

Question 2: Why does it seem more miracles of healing took place in the bible than it does now?

Question 1: I hear you say that liquor stores are open and compare that to churches. That doesn’t make any sense. You’re in the liquor store for 10 minutes while you are in the church for more than an hour singing, praying, greeting one another. How come you don’t bring up the facts like this?

Question 2: What if my daughter becomes pregnant with someone we don’t like? It was a mistake by a young girl. Shouldn’t we be able to make our own decision about what to do with the baby?

Question 1: What is your take on all the false prophecies about Donald Trump’s re-election? How can we trust any prophets anymore?

Question 2: I’m having a terrible problem with my family. Although we are Canadians, we constantly argue about US politics. It’s taking the peace away from our home. What should we do?

Question 1: I heard you say that sometimes it is an act of spiritual devotion to take on the government. Please explain.

Question 2: Some preachers say that they never ask for money, while others seem to be very quick to ask for money. I like your television program, but I know you do ask for money. What do you think about this?

Question 1: You are teaching that faith is a gift from God. I still feel like I have no faith. It just doesn’t seem to work, no matter what I do.

Question 2: Is the gift of prophecy really for today? It seems every prophecy I’ve heard in the last little while has been wrong.

Question 1: Is there anything we can do to lose our salvation?

Question 2: As part of the First Nations community, what can we do about the alcohol abuse that is part of our community?

Question 3: What exactly is the mark of the beast? There is so much talk of it with the Covid vaccine.