Q&A with Peter youngren

Question 1: On yesterday’s program you talked about pornography and that addictions are not broken through workshops or prayer. Can you please explain why?

Question 2: I have been following all the guidelines to socially distance – I haven’t seen people or my grandkids for 2 years. I am ready to give up! Please give me your advice. 

Question 1: What is the government’s role in dictating rules to the church? In particular, in some areas you must have a vaccine pass to participate in a church service. Can you give me your thoughts?

Question 2: A couple of weeks ago I saw on your social media that you supported the trucker protest for freedom. Can you comment on this?

Question 1: How do you encourage yourself in the Lord?

Question 2: Can you encourage someone too much who is set in destructive ways ?

Question 1: How do you answer a person who is always negavtive, no matter what I say?

Question 2: Bill C-4 banning conversion therapy passed without debate in the House of Commons. What are your thoughts?

Question 1: How can believers have unity when there are so many differences?

Question 2: Does God punish me through my trials?

Question 1: Why does having faith seem hard?

Question 2: Can a television ministry be my church?

Question 1: Does your faith heal you?

Question 2: How do I deal with depression?

Question 1: Is believing the same as having Faith?

Question 2: Why do people struggle with Faith?

Question 1: I thought I prayed in faith for healing, so why haven’t I seen results?

Question 2: Is God sovereign when it comes to healing?

Question 1: Do the words I speak really affect my healing?

Question 2: Does going to the doctor show a lack of faith?

Question 1: If I believe I’m healed, should I stop taking medicine and other treatments?

Question 2: Is sickness the result of sin in one’s life?

Question 1: Is Israel today God’s chosen people or God’s chosen nation?

Question 2: Is there a practical approach when I try my best to forgive someone when I can’t seem to?

Question 1: I have heard many explanations of the trinity. None of which made sense. Can you explain the trinity?

Question 2: I often hear in church that we should take back what the devil stole. Is that biblical? If so, how do I take back what has been stolen from me?

Question 1: If all sins are forgiven why must a saved Christian give an account to God in the Day of judgment?

Question 2: Are there big sins or little sins? Or are all sins equal to God?

Question 3: Recently a well-known Christian preacher said that the vaccine is the mark of a beast and that he needed a private jet as he will be denied access to commercial air travel. Another preacher suggested that Jesus’ return is held back because people are not donating enough money to provide airplanes for preachers. What are your comments on this?

Question 1: Is the pandemic and the mandates a sign that we are living in the last days?

Question 2: When Jesus died, did he actually go to hell or Hades?

Question 3: How do you forgive someone who hasn’t shown remorse?

Question 1: Canada has been shocked by the discovery of 215 children buried at a former residential school for first-nations children. How do we as Christians respond to this?

Question 2: Jesus Christ loved people during his 3+ decades life time. But he left this world 2021 years ago. How can you say he still loves people today?

Question 1: You say that Jesus is God. How can you claim a human being to be God? This is a big deception to Muslim people. Please explain.

Question 2: I come from the Hindu religion. How can I know this Jesus that you speak of?

Question 1: Are you trying to convert people to your religion? There are so many different problems we are facing today. Is it really important to convert people from one religion to the other?

Question 2: You seem to be quoting from the Bible. We believe The Holy Quran has replaced all previous books. Would you be willing to debate one of our scholars about which book leads to eternal life, the Bible or the Quran?

Question 3: You say that Jesus died for my sin. Does that mean I can continue to sin without hesitation, that sin doesn’t have any meaning anymore?

Question 1: I know that you have commented before on the pastor in Calgary who called the police the Gestapo. He has since been arrested. Do you feel that freedom of religion is under attack in Canada? What should we do?

Question 2: I don’t hear a lot about fasting in my church. What role does fasting have in our Christian Life?

Question 1: In Revelations 14 verse 9 what is the image of the beast? Could it mean our credit cards or computers etc?

Question 2: What does it mean specifically to be unequally yoked?

Question 3: My pastor has kept our church closed for over a year. My husband goes to another church where they are open and he wants me to join his church, what should I do?

Question 1: In regards to all that happened to the Israelites in the Old Testament, what do we do with that information? It is a picture of cycles that continue to happen today or simply single isolated events with no impact on future events?

Question 2: There is a lot of talk about racism but yet I don’t hear about it when I go to church. Shouldn’t the church be addressing this problem?

Question 1: Do I need to read the Bible to go to heaven?

Question 2: Christians need to obey the government and follow these lockdown rules. As the church, how can we be a light for truth when we can’t even follow the government directives?

Question 1: No matter how hard I try I feel so incredibly discouraged. This past year with the pandemic, BLM movement, cancel culture, I just can’t seem to feel any hope. I’m disappointed, I’m scared of what society has become, how do I get out of my depression?

Question 2: HELP – my son is addicted to heroin. It is destroying our family and I don’t know where to turn for help.

Question 1: What do we need to do to get God to remove this pandemic? Seems as if the prayers of His people are not being answered.

Question 2: My pastor encourages everyone to tithe 10% to the church. I have heard some say it is Old Covenant. What do you think?

Question 1: My pastor has not held an in person Sunday service in over a year. He says the most loving thing we can do is to close down. It seems to be different from what you are suggesting. Is my pastor wrong?

Question 2: Why does Canada seem to target Christians? At this rate we will be a Muslim country before all is over.

Question 1: I have a lot of friends in different parts of the United States and their churches are operating at either full capacity or even at 50%. Why are things so different in Canada? Should we be concerned?

Question 2: Should Christians refrain from cremation with the coming resurrection of our earthly bodies?

Question 1: Do you support the pastor from Calgary calling the police the “Gestapo” and kicking them out of his church?

Question 2: I am really getting to the end of my patience with these lockdowns. What started as 15 days is now over a year. Is there anything we can do? If not, I fear the government will make this our new normal.

Question 1: I’ve been married for more than 15 years and my marriage just feels stale and boring. I am no longer in love as I used to be. What should I do?

Question 2: Last week you spoke about issues like gender identity and cancel culture. These are political issues. Should the gospel mix with politics?

Question 1: I was raised going to Church every Sunday and I still do. I am beginning to have doubts about my faith. I find myself questioning a lot. Does this mean I’m not a Christian anymore?

Question 2: I have great concerns over the “vaccine passport.” What are your thoughts?

Question 1: I recently heard you with a guest on your program briefly mention the scripture “all things work together for good.” I have struggled a bit with this scripture and would appreciate it if you could further elaborate or expound on it.

Question 2: There was a Pastor recently in the news for being accused of having a sermon that included homophobic and transphobic ideas that were damaging to the LGBTQ Community. In today’s environment how do you address Christian values without creating a human rights complaint?

Question 1: I recently started to attend a church where the Pastor keeps emphasizing that the King James Version of the bible is the right one and the others are faulty, what are your thoughts?

Question 2: I have heard many thoughts about the covid vaccine. I’ve heard it’s the mark of the beast, or it contains 5G radiation particles. I am not sure what to think or if to get the vaccine. Am I correct in my thinking when I remember that no weapon formed against me shall prosper and take it? What are your thoughts?

Question 1: I know that Canada is not a Christian country but why do our politicians seem to celebrate religious diversity, yet say hostile things about Christianity?

Question 2: I saw you on another program where the host was interviewing you and you were talking about freedom of speech. Do you really believe that freedom of speech could be under threat in Canada?

Question 1: Shouldn’t our immigration policy include faith? The rate we are going, soon Canada will become an Islamic nation.

Question 2: I struggle with reading the Old Testament. There are so many violent stories and things I do not understand. I would like to hear your take on this.

Question 1: Earlier this week you talked about how science, particularly astronomy and also nuclear science confirms the message of Christ, many people see conflicts between science and faith in Christ. Please elaborate a bit more.

Question 2: From time to time I hear you give a very different interpretation of the end times than what I am accustomed to. You did it again this week speaking about the victorious end time. So much of the teaching I have heard is very negative. Please comment more.

Question 1: I heard a charismatic pastor say the rapture is imminent. Do yo believe this?

Question 2: I have lost my job due to the pandemic, have been a believer for many years and am a faithful giver to my local church. I’m struggling how this is God’s best for me and my family right now. What about His provision and protection, how does this come into play when believers face situations like this?

Question 1: My 4yr old son recently saw 2 men kissing and asked me why they were kissing. I had no clue what to say. This is becoming normal in society and I am unsure how to explain it to a child who is so young.

Question 2: Are there strongholds we need to pray against to fight covid-19?

Question 1: Is the COVID-19 vaccine the mark of the Beast?

Question 2: Why does it seem more miracles of healing took place in the bible than it does now?

Question 1: I hear you say that liquor stores are open and compare that to churches. That doesn’t make any sense. You’re in the liquor store for 10 minutes while you are in the church for more than an hour singing, praying, greeting one another. How come you don’t bring up the facts like this?

Question 2: What if my daughter becomes pregnant with someone we don’t like? It was a mistake by a young girl. Shouldn’t we be able to make our own decision about what to do with the baby?

Question 1: What is your take on all the false prophecies about Donald Trump’s re-election? How can we trust any prophets anymore?

Question 2: I’m having a terrible problem with my family. Although we are Canadians, we constantly argue about US politics. It’s taking the peace away from our home. What should we do?

Question 1: I heard you say that sometimes it is an act of spiritual devotion to take on the government. Please explain.

Question 2: Some preachers say that they never ask for money, while others seem to be very quick to ask for money. I like your television program, but I know you do ask for money. What do you think about this?

Question 1: You are teaching that faith is a gift from God. I still feel like I have no faith. It just doesn’t seem to work, no matter what I do.

Question 2: Is the gift of prophecy really for today? It seems every prophecy I’ve heard in the last little while has been wrong.

Question 1: Is there anything we can do to lose our salvation?

Question 2: As part of the First Nations community, what can we do about the alcohol abuse that is part of our community?

Question 3: What exactly is the mark of the beast? There is so much talk of it with the Covid vaccine.

Question 1: Why would you go to court to ask the government to open up church before Christmas? You must have known there was virtually no chance of succeeding.

Question 2: Do you have any other concerns about religious freedom in Canada?

Question 3: What are your thoughts about the government declaring the church as non-essential?

Question 4: How do I ask God to help me overcome my substance addiction?

Question 1: Why are Christians so against abortion? Loving people enough to let them decide what is best for their bodies and life is what Jesus would do.

Question 2: Should we take the Covid vaccine as soon as it is available or wait to see the long-term effects?

Question 3: As Christians, shouldn’t we celebrate the Jewish feasts? They are the root of the faith Jesus had.

Question 1: Why focus on international missions when so many at home in Canada don’t know Jesus?

Question 2: Is it ok for Christians to file bankruptcy?

Question 3: What age should I talk to my kids about salvation?


Question 1: Could the Great Reset be the fulfillment of Bible prophecy regarding a new/one world order?

Question 2: What can an average Canadian do to protest the restrictive government orders and lockdowns?

Question 1: Why do you talk so much about political things? In Canada we have separation of church and state for a reason.

Question 2: How do I avoid ministry burnout?


Question 1: I hear so many preachers discuss spiritual warfare. Do you have any keys to successful spiritual warfare?

Question 2: If we believe in divine healing, why are we even concerned about Covid 19?

Question 3: What is the secret to having your prayers answered?

Question 1: What is the best way for me to talk to my Hindu neighbour about Christ?

Question 2: You have given reports of reaching millions through social media. Are they any reports of healings from these?

Question 3: I hear the expression, Great Reset, and it concerns me. I’ve heard our Prime Minister, as well as the Pope talk about it. Is this connected with end time prophecy?

Question 1: I have a hard time participating in corporate worship. It just seems like a show. Do you have any advice?

Question 2: I heard you say a study shows that 95% of those who start out in ministry in their 20’s and 30’s quit before 65, what is your key to longevity?

Question 3: Over the last year the appearance of my niece has changed drastically to a heavy metal kind of gothic look, it disturbs me. Do you have any advice?

Question 1: What happens after you die? Do you just fall asleep? Or do you go directly to heaven/hell?

Question 2: As you have mentioned our freedom of speech is under attack. What can I do as an individual to combat this?

Question 3: Are there guardian angels? What do angels do?

Question 4: We are in a new wave of lockdowns and I’m having depressive thoughts and don’t know how to deal with it, what do you do to stay sane in these crazy times?

Question 1: I need deliverance. What steps do I take to be free?

Question 2: I don’t agree with the vision of my pastor. Should I let him know or find another church?

Question 3: I’ve seen you pictured or sometimes on the program with a politician. Some of them are clearly Christian, while others have supported policies that don’t agree with the Bible. Why do you interact with such people?

Question 4: I have seen prophets make many claims about politics and events that never happen. How can you tell which prophets are truly hearing from God?

Question 5: I watched you speak about the prosperity message on Facebook. How can I help my friend who continues to believe prosperity lies such as claiming your seed and a certain dollar amount for a certain blessing.

Question 1: How do I know if God is calling me to ministry?

Question 2: I find it disgusting that Christians are so supportive of Donald Trump. How could any Christian support him with his character flaws?

Question 1: How can I help someone who is depressed?

Question 2: I have lost all desire in continuing to attend church. Do you have any advice?

Question 3: I am so frustrated because no matter what I do, I cannot speak in tongues. Is speaking in tongues for everyone or just a gift for some? If it’s for everyone, how do I receive it?

Question 4: Why does the Bible seem to contradict itself?

Question 1: Throughout history religion has been used to control the masses. How is it any different today?

Question 2: Do you have any plans to reach out to Canada’s First Nations?

Question 3: I’ve been prayed over many times yet have never been healed. How do I receive healing?

Question 4: Why do you focus so much on reaching Muslims?

Question 1: My friend claims to love God but continues in a gay lifestyle. How do I handle this?

Question 2: A loved one committed suicide. Is there any hope I will see them in heaven?

Question 3: There are so many opinions about vaccines. What is the church’s stance on vaccines?

Question 4: With the government threatening more shutdowns, is there anything I can do? Another shutdown will be catastrophic for my family.

Question 1: I would like to get a Christian tattoo but there is so much kick back from church leaders. What are your thoughts?

Question 2: I have been taken advantage for years by the prosperity gospel and preachers promising financial increase for giving. How do I get over this and find joy in giving again?

Question 3: How do I talk to someone who is the victim of domestic abuse?

Question 4: Is there systemic racism in Canada? How should the church handle the issue of racism?

Question 1: I know you commented on BLM a couple weeks ago; I notice some churches are supporting BLM, even on their website and Facebook. Others seem to speak against it. Can you clarify more?

Question 2: With everything going on in the world, it makes me wonder… how is God good?

Question 3: Members of my family have severe mental illness. Is mental illness derived from demonic issues?

Question 4: Is baptism essential for salvation?

Question 5: With increased gun violence, should we take away guns? Would Jesus take away guns?

Question 6: Wouldn’t Jesus support open borders with equal opportunities for all?

Question 1: I focus on Jesus, but it is still hard for me to have joy. How can I experience joy?

Question 2: I suffer from chronic pain and nothing seems to help. Is It wrong for me to try medical marijuana?

Question 3: What does the future of the church look like?

Question 1: What would you say to yourself at the age of 18 if you were starting all over again?

Question 2: Is it best to not overly discuss or debate scripture with other denominations so as not to confuse each other or hinder their ministry?

Question 3: Since gay marriage is legal, shouldn’t pastors be required to perform gay marriages?

Question 4: Why are some people healed and others are not when prayed over?

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