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World Impact Bible Institute (WIBI) empowers and equips believers to fulfill God’s plan for their lives. Students come from a wide range of backgrounds, all with the common purpose of discovering Jesus in a deeper way and to be a part of God’s purpose for their lives.


Don’t let discouragement, fear, or lack cause you to miss God’s best for you. Remember, God and His resources are with you, as you pursue His destiny!

– Peter Youngren


2000 Years of Church History • Apologetics • Biblical Economics • Biblical Preaching • Blood Covenant • Book of Acts • Book of Hebrews • Book of Romans • Children’s Ministry • Christ Jesus • Church Birthing • Colossians • Counselling • End-Time Prophecy • Evangelism • Foundational Christian Doctrines I & II • Fruit of the Spirit • Etc.


Indonesia, Medan

Do you live in Southeast Asia? Your WIBI is located in the island of SumatraIndonesia!  WIBI Indonesia is led by Susan Tai (Hoover), a graduate from WIBI Canada in 2003.

See more: WIBI Indonesia homepage

Phone: + 62.82.304.358.688

Email: wibi.indonesia@gmail.com

Kenya, Nairobi

WIBI Kenya is waiting for you in Nairobi! Please contact WIBI Kenya to receive full information packet; Dean of students, Mark, and registrar, Grace, are happy to help you!

See more: WIBI Kenya on Facebook

Phone: + 254.727.616.400

Email: info@wibi-africa.org

Myanmar, Mandalay

WIBI Myanmar were added into the family of schools in 2019. Principal Kyaw Lin welcomes you at the WIBI campus in Mandalay!

Phone: +95.940.274.0375

Email: kyawlin.agape2009@gmail.com 

Tanzania, Mwanza

WIBI Tanzania  was launched in 2017 in the city of Mwanza. Please see the contact information below.

See more: WIBI Tanzania on Facebook 

Email: mwanzawibi@gmail.com 

WIBI has affiliate schools in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and India.

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WIM, P.O. Box 62039 RPO Victoria Terr, North York, ON M4A 2W1 + 1.416.497.4940 Email: info@peteryoungren.org