Due to the political unrest and deaths in Papua, Indonesia, Pastor Peter is unable to communicate with you his partners. The internet access has been shut down in that region to quell a separatist movement. Click below to read a recent news article from the region.

Pastor Peter and World Impact Ministries just finished the 2nd of 3 Gospel Campaigns in Indonesia, the world’s largest Muslim nation. He said he has not seen anything like this in over 40 years of overseas Gospel work. The crowd has been huge, and despite rain every night, they remain unmoved for hours. 
There have been so very many miracles, in fact one night the stage could not stand the numbers coming to testify. Now he is going on to start the 3rd campaign in a different city.  
Please pray for him and the team. The Federal head of police in Jakarta has asked him to stop at their head quarters and speak to the police force, in an effort to bring a calm and peace to the area that is seeing riots and unrest. 
Associate Evangelist Jakob Wendesten just returned from 25 days in Papua, working with Pastor Peter. He has recorded this video update for you. 
Pastor Peter needs to hear from you today. CONSIDER… he is conducting not 1 campaign, but 3! Your financial support today enables the work to continue, and lives to be saved! 
Phone: +1.416.497.4940 Ext 4013
Web: give.peteryoungren.org/happening-now
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