Bago, Myanmar Gospel Festival

Salvation Prayer

Heaven on Earth watch this 1 minute and 9 second video from Bago Myanmar. Buddhist, Hindus and Muslims respond by the thousands to the gospel.

Round table discussion with journalists in Bago, all Buddhist.

Large representation of Buddhist,Hindu and Muslim leaders at Friendship Luncheon. I spoke about Jesus, the Light of the World.

Hindu leader who spoke at Friendship Luncheon brought his wife, 5 years paralyzed, and she was healed.

Another deaf boy healed together with his aunt (right).

Healed of deafness.

Deaf for 3 years.

Deaf ears opened.

Another deaf ear opened.

Mother explains now her daughter’s deaf ear opened.

Muslim man on the platform sharing God’s love.

Taina rejoicing Buddhist woman who was healed.

10 years totally deaf now healed.

Director of tourism of Bago.


Christ’s promise fulfilled: I’ve come to open blind eyes.


Joy and wonders in Myanmar

Gospel campaign continues. Thousands encounter the living Christ. Look at the photos.

We are making history. This has never happened before in Bago, Myanmar. Look at the photos.

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