Manokwari, Indonesia

A great explosion took place in a city in Eastern Indonesia- Manokwari. Many lives were claimed and local authorities stated they had never seen or experienced anything like this before. What kind of explosion was this? A Gospel explosion! What were the effects? Miracles, salvation and a revelation of the Word of God.

Curiosity began building when the publicity team was hard at work. Walls were plastered with posters, handbills handed out, billboards placed, banners hung, radio announcements aired, speaker trucks touring, everyone was about to hear of the Manokwari festival. Anticipation was high in a city that had never experienced such an event before.

The day finally arrived. Peter Youngren was welcomed with traditional tribal dance, gifts and a cheering crowd full of excitement. This energy was channeled into a great parade led by police escort with hundreds of motorbikes, vans, buses, cars and trucks dominating the streets. If you had not heard of the festival before then you were assured to be informed with the sound of the horns.

Driving through the city on the nights of the festival, you would have wondered if anyone had lived there. Night after night the crowd would grow so thick it overflowed into the streets. People hungry to receive came hours early to ensure good seating. Every night there was an explosion of the Gospel and miracles. Every night lives were claimed for heaven!

The festival was broadcast live on the radio. Reports came back that many Muslim children were listening to the program. Even though they had not attended the festival physically, they were there in spirit and received the Gospel with great joy and excitement.

Villages, hard to reach because of poor road conditions, heard of the festival. One particular couple traveled 4 hours to receive healing. After the cost of the journey, they only had enough taxi money to attend one night. However, there was no need to attend again after the husband’s hearing was restored on the first night! One family wept tears of joy as they told the story of their mother’s blindness. She was scheduled for surgery but after attending the festival she could see again. The family couldn’t afford the surgery. When asked how much her healing cost her, she answered with a huge smile on her face, “Nothing!”

Those who received healing in their bodies were encouraged to come to the front and share with everyone what God had done for them. On the last night, Peter attempted to close the 4-day festival but was interrupted many times with yet another testimony so great that it had to be shared. The daughter of a local politician came weeping to the front to testify of how she could hear after being deaf for many years. A constant flow of tears streamed down her face while her hands were raised giving thanks unto God. No longer did she need a hearing aid that she held in her hand. While Peter and the crowd were dancing and singing, almost to the point of exhaustion, giving glory unto the Lord for what He had done, a Muslim woman began to experience strength come into her lame body that had been weak for many years. Little by little she began to move. Acknowledging that Jesus had touched her body, she began dancing and running and didn’t want to stop.

World Impact Ministries strives to make an impact through the Gospel, one nation, city, tribe, village, and person at a time. Many people had come so far away from different tribes and villages. Some places so remote that the only way to get there is by a small prop plane. We will never really know the true impact that took place in Manokwari. This was only the beginning, as the people go back to their villages and share with those, who could not make the journey, of what happened at the festival.

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