A tumour the size of fist is gone
Giving God the glory
Her deaf ear has been healed
16 year old boy rejoices that his tumour is gone
70 year old praises God as she hears through her left ear for the first time since childhood
A deaf ear healed for a mother and her daughter
A mother explains how her son’s tumour is gone
A son explains how his mother was healed
The deaf can hear
Her deaf ears have been openned
Her left ear was healed
Her tumour and pain is gone
Mother and daughter both have a deaf ear healed
No more pain in her legs
Peter tests a 19 year old’s restored hearing
Running to prove there is no more pain in his left leg
Testing her previously deaf right ear
The local Christians are excited for the festival
A parade through Mtwara to publicize the festival
Mtwara holds a parade to welcome Peter Youngren
Peter prays with the volunteers
Peter greets the people of Mtwara
Peter Youngren receives a warm reception in Mtwara
The Seminar overflowed as pastors listened through windows and doors
A moment of reflection at the Pastor’s Seminar
Pastors in Mtwara learning more about the New Covenant
Peter Youngren teaches at the Pastor’s Seminar
Different religions listening to each other
Peter and Taina with the Muslim leaders
This young man’s paralyzed body is regaining strength
74 year old dances on her healed leg
Rejoicing that her back and legs are healed
She is now able to move her right hand
Running for the first time in 10 years
She doesn’t need those cruthes any more – her left leg has been healed
11 year old’s eyesight won’t cause her trouble in school anymore
14 year old can see for the first time in her life
Her paralyzed right leg is healed
Her playful joy results in a great response from the crowd
Her tumour is gone
His pneumonia is healed
So many were healed that there was not enough time for all who were healed to testify
Her tumour is gone
Her tumour of two years is gone
His back is healed
In addition to her tumour disappearing, her cloudy eyes are also healed
She had suffered from clowdy vision since birth, but now Jesus has healed her
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