Dear Friends,

Before I write, I ask the Lord to give me a word. This month, before the COVID – 19 pandemic became the focus of the whole world, two simple words came powerfully in my spirit – Thank you!

Friends, I am grateful to you, especially now as the world’s attention is on this terrible crisis. Thank you for your continued support for the Gospel! I wish you could have been with me a few days ago in Ethiopia as a sea of people surged forward to repent and to confess Jesus Christ as Lord. 40,000+ received follow-up for new believers. Click here for a 50 s video.

If you have any needs prayer request, please text me at 1-437-776-3366, or email me at prayer@peteryoungren.org. Many are under pressure, but crisis time is miracle time. I want to pray with you. This coming Monday at 7PM, I am conducting a prayer rally on Facebook Live.

I thank my God for . . . your contributions and partnership in advancing the good news, (Phil 1:5, Amplified). Paul was grateful to the Philippians that they had stood with him in good times and bad. They were not fair-weather friends. Thank you for your faithfulness.

Our focus now is on the next three campaigns in eastern Indonesia. Our 5 Bible school campuses in Africa and Asia desperately need help. I need your help now. To give, click here.

Your co-worker in Christ,

Peter Youngren

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