Take a look at the video. It is only 85 seconds, but it is sure to touch your heart. What’s amazing is that this happened in a city where there are so very few Christians. Almost everyone you see responding is either a Buddhist or a Muslim.

Taunggyi Update – We had a wonderful back and forth conversation with TV, radio and print journalists.

I shared about God’s love through Jesus with leaders from Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism and Christianity. – Taunggyi, Myanmar

Taunggyi – I’m so fortunate to meet interesting people in my line of work. On my left is a Muslim gynecologist and on my right is a Buddhist lawyer and his wife. They told me how much they enjoyed my message of God’s love in Jesus.

It’s so wonderful to share the Gospel outside the four walls of the church. Pictured here are representatives from almost all the major world religions. Hearts were opened to hear about Jesus Christ.

The Gospel Revolution Seminar is underway in Taunggyi, Myanmar. Hundreds of pastors and church leaders are being equipped for ministry. Thank you partners for making this possible!

In spite of only 10 degrees Celsius there was a huge crowd. The people here in Taunggyi are precious. Huge response to receive new life in Christ. So many Buddhist and Muslim friends received healing. One man, paralyzed for 5 years, had waited since early morning on the field. Tonight he was walking and running like a young man.

Crowd photo from opening night in Taunggyi, Myanmar.

Buses come packed with people to attend the festival.

Woman looks with amazement at her hands as a tumor on her hand has disappeared.

Suffered dangerous accident, falling from a train, 8 years ago. Now healed!

From the Lisu tribe, healed though she did not understand one word of the sermon in the Burmese language.

Father (deaf for 30 years) and son (deaf for 20 years) both healed.

Many deaf ears opened!

Huge response to God’s love as thousands turned from dead works to receive the gift of God’s salvation. The people here in Taunggyi are very receptive to our message. So many Buddhist and Muslim friends were healed.

Joyous man just received his hearing.

First healing of the second night. Healed of blindness.

Father brought his daughter who suffered from an eye impairment for many years, wanting her to be healed, and it happened.

Crowd photos from the second night in Taunggyi, Myanmar.

This man, paralyzed from a stroke 5 years ago, was brought to the field early in the morning and waited all day for the service to begin. He had not been able to walk or even stand without aid. After he received his healing, he was running and jumping like a young man. Notice his warm clothing as the temperature dropped to around 10 degrees Celcius in the evening. Even this did not deter the people’s enthusiasm.

Many Muslims in attendance.

Excitedly telling the people how she used to have to wear these dark glasses to protect her eyes.

10 years not able to see.

Large tumor removed!

Buddhist man healed in his legs!

Deaf for 15 years and now hears!

Crowd photos from the third night in Taunggyi, Myanmar.

He had a football injury in his youth.

After a stroke, he had lost the ability to speak – now speaks!

Healed of deafness!

Crowd photos from the fourth night in Taunggyi, Myanmar.

The Governor of Shan State opened the closing night.

This Buddhist woman had a growth for 40 years in her side and also a damaged back.

Young Buddhist lady testifies of healing in her hip – notice that many people have hats as temperature here was cold.

A boy healed of blindness.

Growth on neck for 15 years.

Mother points out where the growth was on the girl’s neck – now gone

Never heard before in life.

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