Taunggyi, Myanmar

Friendship Festival with Peter Youngren
December 2018


Preparations in Full Swing!

In less than a month we will be in Taunggyi, Burma (Myanmar). Taunggyi is a large city with many who have never heard the name of Jesus. It will be historic as Taunggyi has never hosted a Gospel Campaign before.

Enlightenment Booklets Being Printed

Printing of follow up material for new believers for the upcoming Gospel Festival in Taunggyi is in full swing. The last time in Indonesia, we were faced with the situation where we were out of follow up material on the third night of the festival. If you would like to sponsor printing of additional follow up material for new believers, you can do so.

Continue to partner with us in prayer as we move forward to full the Great Commission.

Venue for Myanmar Festival

We have booked the venue for the Gospel Festival which will be held in December in Taunggyi, Myanmar.

I request each one of you to pray for the upcoming Friendship Festival where I will preach an uncompromising Gospel – the good news of God’s love for ALL.

Billboards all over the city

Billboards are going up all across the city of Taunggyi inviting people to the Friendship Festival.
Your donations help make it possible.
Thank you to our supporters in Canada, USA and around the World.

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