Salvation Prayer in Timika

Look at this video, complimentary from a person who attended the meetings in Timika last week. Unfortunately, the pictures that the World Impact Ministries staff took were stolen. We are trying to find anything we can that documents what happened. I think that this video will show you that God did something really special in this eastern Indonesian city. Thanks for your support!

We received a beautiful reception at the airport. The vice-regent favored Peter with this traditional headdress, and a group of singers and dancers sang beautiful songs about the Lord Jesus Christ. 

VIP dinner with political and religious leaders.

Scenes from the Gospel Revolution Seminar for pastors and leaders.

In the midst of threats of riots and heavy rain, the festival has begun!

The Gospel Revolution Seminar for pastors and leaders continues to have a great impact.

Thousands are impacted by the Gospel. Countless were healed including the woman you see with the wheelchair. She was brought to the festival unable to walk and now she is pushing the young man in her chair, testifying how Jesus healed her!

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