Friendship Dinner

Javed was injured in his knees and back in a motorcycle accident. He was not able to bend his knees or move properly for 12 years until Christ healed him.

Shahnaz had a tumor on her neck for 8 years and it disappeared.

Gulam, Muslim man deaf-mute since birth healed.

Sara was born with twisted legs and everyone was amazed as they straightened as we prayed in the name of Jesus Christ.

Madiha was visually impaired but after Christ healed her she was able to see everything.



Young lady tells the story of how Jesus healed her.

Muslim woman with tumor as large as her fist in her side telling how the tumor disappeared.

This visually impaired man is now able to read even the smallest print demonstrating how Jesus had healed him.

Taina is checking the area where the woman had a large tumor. It was completely gone.

This Muslim woman was healed from a tumor and also her eyesight was restored.



1100 Pastors and leaders participated in the Gospel Revolution Seminar.

More than 100,000 received follow-up material for New Believers.

Young boy, blind for 4 years, receives his sight.

Woman from well known Muslim family was beaming with joy telling how Jesus had healed her.

Night after night there were many who demonstrated that they no longer needed crutches.

Arba Minch, Ethiopia

Arba Minch, Ethiopia

Arba Minch, Ethiopia

After an impromptu meeting with pastors and journalists at the airport, we were taken on a parade through town.

Friendship Dinner with reporters,Muslims, Christians and government officials.

1000 plus delegates participated in the Pastors Seminar. Pastor Shawn Annis is joining me to teach. Our focus is to see a gospel revolution starting with pastors.

The Pastors Seminar continues

Another festival night in Arba Minch,Ethiopia

While large gatherings are banned in almost all neighbouring countries, we continue the gospel campaign in Arba Minch, Ethiopia.

We had a large morning meeting. People didn’t mind standing in the scorching sun. Look at the photos.

Another great night in Ethiopia.

Tumour, size of a large fist, instantly vanished.

Another tumour instantly vanished.

I’m so grateful for what God did in Arba Minch, Ethiopia. Especially as many are Muslims in that city.



Sorong, Indonesia Friendship Festival

The Pastors’ Seminar continues parallel with the Festival here in Eastern Indonesia.

Wonderful things are happening in eastern Indonesia. People from all backgrounds experience the reality of Jesus Christ for themselves.

Fantastic open doors for the Gospel in Indonesia. Many governmental leaders, including the Governor, as well Muslim, Hindu and Buddhist leaders have participated. Together, we share God’s love in Christ with everyone. Pastor Peter is scheduled to speak at an Islamic university and a Hindu temple later this week. Our festival just opened.

Another wonderful night at our Festival in Eastern Indonesia.

Great things are happening in eastern Indonesia. Thank you for your prayers and support.

The wonders keep happening. Thank you to all partners and friends who make it possible for us to keep touching the world with God’s love through Jesus.