Bago, Myanmar

Bago, Myanmar

Bago, Myanmar Gospel Festival

Salvation Prayer

Heaven on Earth watch this 1 minute and 9 second video from Bago Myanmar. Buddhist, Hindus and Muslims respond by the thousands to the gospel.

Round table discussion with journalists in Bago, all Buddhist.

Large representation of Buddhist,Hindu and Muslim leaders at Friendship Luncheon. I spoke about Jesus, the Light of the World.

Hindu leader who spoke at Friendship Luncheon brought his wife, 5 years paralyzed, and she was healed.

Another deaf boy healed together with his aunt (right).

Healed of deafness.

Deaf for 3 years.

Deaf ears opened.

Another deaf ear opened.

Mother explains now her daughter’s deaf ear opened.

Muslim man on the platform sharing God’s love.

Taina rejoicing Buddhist woman who was healed.

10 years totally deaf now healed.

Director of tourism of Bago.


Christ’s promise fulfilled: I’ve come to open blind eyes.


Joy and wonders in Myanmar

Gospel campaign continues. Thousands encounter the living Christ. Look at the photos.

We are making history. This has never happened before in Bago, Myanmar. Look at the photos.

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Timika, Indonesia

Timika, Indonesia

Salvation Prayer in Timika

Look at this video, complimentary from a person who attended the meetings in Timika last week. Unfortunately, the pictures that the World Impact Ministries staff took were stolen. We are trying to find anything we can that documents what happened. I think that this video will show you that God did something really special in this eastern Indonesian city. Thanks for your support!

We received a beautiful reception at the airport. The vice-regent favored Peter with this traditional headdress, and a group of singers and dancers sang beautiful songs about the Lord Jesus Christ. 

VIP dinner with political and religious leaders.

Scenes from the Gospel Revolution Seminar for pastors and leaders.

In the midst of threats of riots and heavy rain, the festival has begun!

The Gospel Revolution Seminar for pastors and leaders continues to have a great impact.

Thousands are impacted by the Gospel. Countless were healed including the woman you see with the wheelchair. She was brought to the festival unable to walk and now she is pushing the young man in her chair, testifying how Jesus healed her!

Mwanza, Tanzania

Mwanza, Tanzania

Salvation Prayer in Mwanza

Watch and listen to hear what happened in Mwanza.

A warm welcome in Mwanza, Tanzania. The team was greeted by a press conference, a parade through the city and a VIP dinner with political and religious leaders.

The seminar for pastors and leaders.

Scenes from the first night in Mwanza.

The second night of the festival in Mwanza.

The festival continues in Mwanza.

Scenes from the seminar for pastors and leaders in Mwanza.

In spite of 5 hours of torrential rain leading up to service time, a great crowd filled the vast field. Muslim and Christian friends told their stories of what Christ did for them.

Ziway, Ethiopia

Ziway, Ethiopia

Our first step in reaching a city. We can communicate with leaders of all religions, police and the mayor to create goodwill for the gospel.

The mayor of Ziway.

Muslim Sheik speaking.

Our Gospel Revolution Seminar for pastors is now in full swing in Ziway, with 650 delegates. We are helping them move from Sinai to Golgotha.

From the stadium in Jimma we have now moved to Ziway, 14 hours away into another stadium and tonight our gospel presentation began. This city is a mixture of Islam, Orthodox and Protestant. The light of the gospel is much needed.

Our singer leads the crowd in rejoicing at the end of the service.

There are two kinds of blindness, physical and spiritual. On the second night in the stadium in Ziway both kinds of darkness were dispelled. Here are some of the photos.

My job is to present the good news of Jesus Christ. His job is to confirm His gospel, and He never fails.

In the 4th rally in the stadium in Ziway, I turned the preaching over to my associate, Dean Morris. This is a part of our vision, and I hope that we will have up to 100 Apostolic evangelists, who are able to do what God has helped me to do in so many parts of the world. To find out more about the training for this, email ggi@peteryoungren.org. What a great breakthrough this service was.

One more night in the stadium. The rejoicing continued long into the night. Take a look at these photos.

Ziway, Ethiopa

Friendship Festival with Peter Youngren


Nathan Thurber recently travelled to Jimma and Ziway, Ethiopia to prepare for Friendship Festivals to be conducted by Pastor Peter Youngren. He was received by religious and political leaders, including several Muslim leaders of those cities.

Jimma has a large Muslim population and has a history riddled with conflict. In 2006 and again in 2011, churches were burned with many converting to Islam. Since these traumatic events, there has been a sense of fear among Christians, and they are eager for Peter Youngren to come. Ziway, in central Ethiopia is predominantly orthodox, with a fast growing Muslim population.

“I was received warmly by local church leaders and have made substantial progress towards planning the upcoming festivals. A point for prayer is for the government to grant permission for the stadium as the strong Muslim presence has prevented Christians from holding large scale events for many years”, said Pastor Nathan.

Pastor Peter commented, “These campaigns happen because the partners care and give. We are co-workers with the Lord”.

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