Ziway, Ethiopa

Friendship Festival with Peter Youngren


Nathan Thurber recently travelled to Jimma and Ziway, Ethiopia to prepare for Friendship Festivals to be conducted by Pastor Peter Youngren. He was received by religious and political leaders, including several Muslim leaders of those cities.

Jimma has a large Muslim population and has a history riddled with conflict. In 2006 and again in 2011, churches were burned with many converting to Islam. Since these traumatic events, there has been a sense of fear among Christians, and they are eager for Peter Youngren to come. Ziway, in central Ethiopia is predominantly orthodox, with a fast growing Muslim population.

“I was received warmly by local church leaders and have made substantial progress towards planning the upcoming festivals. A point for prayer is for the government to grant permission for the stadium as the strong Muslim presence has prevented Christians from holding large scale events for many years”, said Pastor Nathan.

Pastor Peter commented, “These campaigns happen because the partners care and give. We are co-workers with the Lord”.